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Power Home Solar helps Detroit Lions, Ford Field go green

There’s a new kind of energy at Ford Field and the Detroit Lions’ training facility. Earlier in July, Power Home Solar and Roofing, which currently does business in five states including Michigan, installed solar panels on both a Ford Field garage and the Lions’ training facility in Allen Park. The solar installations are one way…

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Why Power Home Solar uses solar panels manufactured in U.S.

solar panels-mission solar-u.s.-american-power home solar

Power Home Solar uses solar panels exclusively made by Mission Solar, a Texas-based company whose panels are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States. That’s a good thing on several levels, including quality, cost and performance. Mission Solar’s panels perform three times above the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard and are backed by a…

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How durable are solar panels? Yes, they can withstand hail

solar panels-hail-hailstorm-bad weather-durability

As you consider making the leap to join the solar energy movement, you may wonder about the durability of the panels amid the harshest weather conditions. Perhaps chief among those concerns: What happens when it hails? And we’re not just talking about pea-sized hail, either. What happens in the event of larger hailstones? We need…

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Is there enough sunlight to power my home via solar panels?

solar panels-solar panel arrays-power home solar-residential

At Power Home Solar, this is a question often asked by potential customers: Is there enough sunlight to successfully power my home via solar panels? While everyone’s situation is unique, depending on the direction your home faces and how much shade your property receives, chances are excellent that you live in a state where there…

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