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How fast can solar installation take?

solar panels-solar installation-Power Home Solar

Getting solar panels installed at your home is a big, but smart, decision for those who qualify to get them. Once you’ve made that choice and hire someone such as Power Home Solar to make the magic happen, you will be excited to get the panels installed so you can start owning your power instead…

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Will I still get a power bill when I get solar panels?

solar panels-solar power-power bill-Power Home Solar

The premise of homeowners going solar is a simple one. Your solar panels harness the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that your home uses. But will you still get a power bill from your electric company when you have solar panels? Yes, you will, because your system will be connected to the grid.…

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Report shows how much Dominion, Appalachian Power customers paying extra for power

Virginia solar-Dominion-Appalachian Power-Virginia-Solar power-Solar panels

Interesting news coming out of Virginia earlier this week: Dominion Energy customers paid more than $365 million in excessive rates last year, according to a report from the State Corporation Commission. The Associated Press notes that Dominion’s base rates “produced a nearly 14 percent return on equity, a measurement of profitability, in 2017. The commission…

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How much does it cost to remove solar panels when I need a new roof?

Solar panels-Solar panels roof-roof repairs-roof replacements

While Power Home Solar and Roofing’s bread and butter is its solar panel installation business, it does roof replacements too, sometimes as part of solar panel installations and other times as a standalone service. It all depends on customer needs. For customers thinking about going solar, one common question that’s asked is how much it…

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5 things you didn’t know about solar panels

solar panels-solar power-5 things to know-Power Home Solar

Much of the country that Power Home Solar serves is in the early-adoption phase of going solar, putting the onus on consumers to educate themselves on the product and process of getting solar panels. After previously sharing 5 things to know about solar panels, here are 5 things we’re betting you don’t know about them.…

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Graphic shows resilience of residential customers that want solar

solar power-solar arrays-SEPA report

The 2018 Utility Solar Market Snapshot recently released by the Smart Energy Power Alliance (SEPA) included a rather interesting graphic. SEPA has been producing its annual snapshot for the past 11 years, and the graphic shows mostly progressive growth in U.S. solar capacity from 2007-2017, with the outlier being 2016. Take a look at it…

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Is solar power right for me and my home?

solar power-solar panels-is solar power right for me-Power Home Solar

We’ve previously discussed how certain forces could prevent you from going solar at your home. Maybe your homeowners association stands in your way, or maybe you love the shade on your property too much to remove some mature trees. But let’s say you’ve cleared all those hurdles and still are asking yourself this question: Is solar…

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Solar panels: Ways they save vs. ways they make you money

solar panels-save money-Power Home Solar

Solar panels are an investment, but don’t think of them as something akin to stocks and bonds. Instead of being money makers for your financial well-being, think of them more as a prime savings vehicle because of the number of ways you can keep unspent money in your pocket. Here’s a list of bullet points…

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How to read the digital display of your SolarEdge inverter

solar panels-solar inverter-SolarEdge

Power Home Solar uses SolarEdge-brand inverters for the solar panels it installs. Think of the inverter as the brain, or director, of your solar system. It converts the direct current voltage produced by your panels and converts it into alternating current electricity that’s used by your home. The inverter is mounted on the side of…

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