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Archive for February 2019

Winter power outages? POWERHOME’s battery solution can help with that

power outages-POWERHOME Solar-battery-solar panels

In our northern markets that deal with wintry weather, it’s not hard to find recent stories where thousands of power customers have been without electricity for a time. Any of you living in Michigan, Ohio and western Pennsylvania know exactly what we’re talking about. And for those who work at home or just want to…

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Renewable energy making inroads, but you can help accelerate the change

renewable energy-solar panels-Solar-POWERHOME Solar-natural gas

POWERHOME Solar knows it’s on the front lines of spearheading a movement toward clean, renewable energy. There is still much work to do, considering a recent report produced by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission shows that new renewable energy capacity placed in service in 2018 was dwarfed by new natural gas generation by a near…

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GUEST BLOG: Solar at schools to change the way we power communities

solar schools-Michigan solar-Ann Arbor-solar panels-POWERHOME Solar

From time to time, POWERHOME Solar likes to open the floor to guest bloggers as a way of showcasing the public’s interest in solar. Today, we are grateful to welcome into this space Jeanie Wilson, a science teacher for sixth- and eighth-grade students at A2 STEAM, a project-based learning school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Through…

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Survey of Michiganders showcases strong support for solar energy

Michigan-POWERHOME Solar-solar panels-clean energy

As a leader in the solar energy industry, POWERHOME Solar knows that attitudes toward renewable energy are changing for the better all the time. We see that validation with the number of people who decide to go solar with help from our company, but it’s also really heartening to see just how much people favor…

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Newest POWERHOME Solar commercial showcases value in renewable energy

POWERHOME Solar-solar panels-renewable energy

While much of the U.S. tuned in to watch football on Sunday, POWERHOME Solar further introduced itself in its six-state footprint by airing commercials in a number of its markets leading up to the Big Game. Our sponsorship of four NFL teams has given us additional visibility in the marketplace, and fans of the Carolina Panthers,…

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