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​How Solar Power for Homes Is Changing The Nation

Solar Power Nation

Clean, renewable solar power is being used by everyone from homeowners to utilities as a reliable source of electricity. Its popularity is driven by less expensive, more efficient solar panels. Just a decade ago, solar panel installations were mainly used by eco-warriors and those who lived off the grid. All that has changed. It is…

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​How Solar Energy Works on Cloudy Days

When thinking about installing solar panels on your roof, you may wonder if solar panels work in cloudy weather. Of course, your panels will generate the most solar energy on days when they receive an abundance of peak sunlight. But that doesn’t mean they won’t produce on cloudy days. As you would expect, the variance…

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POWERHOME Solar announces entry into seventh state in Indiana

POWERHOME Solar-Indiana-solar panels-jobs-hiring

POWERHOME Solar CEO Jayson Waller teased us in December in saying that the company was positioning to enter several new markets in 2019. The company is primed to have the first of those in Indiana, as POWERHOME announced this week expansion of its operations into the Hoosier State. Indiana will join Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio,…

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Women playing integral roles in driving POWERHOME Solar’s success

POWERHOME Solar-solar panels-renewable energy-Women's History Month

The solar industry is predominantly a male one, with 68 percent of the U.S. solar workforce being men, according to a 2017 U.S. Department of Energy employment report. While POWERHOME Solar has more men than women employed as sales consultants and installers, the women that POWERHOME has hired play an integral part in the company’s…

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Study: Coal ash contaminating groundwater at 90 percent of monitored U.S. sites

coal ash-solar panels-POWERHOME Solar

We’ve seen snippets that coal ash ponds across the U.S. are contaminating groundwater. But according to a wide-ranging study of coal ash ponds that are subject to groundwater monitoring, we now see how widespread the issue is. The Environmental Integrity Project and Earthjustice took data made public by power companies, compiled it into a singular…

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