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Commercial Solar Panels

Generate ROI, save on your energy bills & reduce your carbon footprint.

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26% Federal Tax Credit available for businesses who go solar in 2020.

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“Our energy costs will go down about 80%”

– Greg Brown, President, Benlee Trailers


As America’s fastest-growing solar company, we provide cutting-edge engineering solutions, custom financing options and a seamless installation process–all on a timeline that makes the most sense for your business.

  • Cutting-Edge Engineering Solutions
    No matter the size of your property, our engineers will work with you to design a solar panel array that generates the maximum amount of energy for your building.
  • Custom Financing Options
    IRR averages, available tax incentives and potential government grants could potentially save you 30-60% on the cost of your system. Our financing team will identify the most cost-effective options for your solar investment.
  • Seamless Installation
    Our installation crews treat your company with the same respect you do. We operate with speed, cleanliness and accuracy to keep your business 100% operational.
man fixing solar panel a man fixing solar panel
solar expert standing on roof a solar expert standing on roof

Why Solar Panels Make Sense

Fortune 500 companies invest in solar because it makes sense–not just financially, but environmentally as well.

  • 26% Federal Tax Credit
    Reduce the amount of income taxes your business pays the federal government by 26%.
  • Reduced Energy Costs
    Solar energy can lower one of your company's biggest expenses: electricity. Reduce your energy costs. Increase your bottom line. It's that simple.
  • Environmental Benefits
    Solar power is a renewable energy source that can reduce your operation's carbon footprint.