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Industries Served by POWERHOME Solar Panels

The demand from various industries for solar energy is growing. Browse the different verticals we serve.

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Make Solar Power Your Business' Future

With Google, Apple, Crayola, Walmart, governments and sports teams adding solar power, it’s clear that a shift is happening. And it’s not just well-known enterprises adding solar energy, small businesses and non-profits are investing in solar power, too. Industries in all verticals are discovering that solar power is good for business. At POWERHOME SOLAR, we are building a movement one business at a time.

Major Return on Investment and Electric Costs Approaching Zero

With businesses always looking for ways to reduce costs, solar power represents a unique opportunity to address volatile energy costs. Solar power can be a central asset to businesses with an internal rate of return between 15% and 22%, and a return on investment in 6-8 years.

commercial industry solar panels
Auto Dealers
Higher Education
Small Business
Sports Facilities
Water Districts
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Solar Power for Agriculture

Farmers are affected by ever-increasing costs for electricity too, making solar energy an attractive option to power their business. Farmers can have the cost of a new solar panel system reduced by up to 51 percent by a Department of Agriculture grant and a federal tax credit.

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