POWERHOME SOLAR customer reviews, installations on Instagram

POWERHOME SOLAR customer reviews, installations on Instagram

Last Updated: March 31st, 2021 at 9:09 am
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POWERHOME SOLAR and Roofing currently does business in four states (Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia) and was recently ranked as the 12th-largest residential solar installer in the nation by Solar Power World. That’s remarkable growth from a company that started with 15 employees in 2015.

While residential solar panels have been around for decades, only recently have they started to command enough of the market to become more than just a curiosity for most consumers.

As such, potential customers are educating themselves on solar in all ways that they can – from how the technology works to who’s installing the product.

For the latter point, it’s important that you do business with a company you can trust. Seeing is indeed believing for many, which is why POWERHOME’s Instagram account is a great resource to check out our work. You’ll see a sampling of customer testimonials, installs that we’ve done to date and notice that we’re even an official partner of pro football’s Detroit Lions. Furthermore, you’ll see that we recently teamed up with the television show “Military Makeover” to help a military family go green and gain independence over rising electric bills. The four-part series will first air on Lifetime TV on Fridays at 7:30 a.m. ET on Aug. 31, Sept. 14, Sept. 28, and Oct. 5, 2018.

If our customers and our partners can trust us with their solar panel installations, so can you.

Own Your Power

Installing solar energy panels allows customers to own their power, not just continually rent it from utility companies. Once your system is paid off, you’ll see your savings grow even faster.

With our innovative solar program, homeowners can go solar for $0 up-front cost, save money on their electric bills, and generate their own clean energy. The solar panels installed on your home are American-made and come with a 25-year warranty, with many panels expected to last well beyond that.

Please feel free to fill out the form below or contact POWERHOME SOLAR at 800-765-2715, and one of our solar representatives will help you determine whether your home qualifies for this program. And, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!