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Warm Up to the Idea
of Going Solar

It’s the perfect time to discover the benefits of switching to solar energy and POWERHOME SOLAR is here to make that happen.

  • Significantly cut your monthly electric bill
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Gain energy independence from energy companies
Find out how to get solar for Zero Down

The POWERHOME Difference

100% Financing
100% Financing

We’re not about to let money get in the way of you experiencing big savings on your electric bill, which is why we offer personalized financial plans to fit your individual needs.

$0 Down Payment
$0 Down Payment

It won’t cost you a single dollar to start using clean, renewable solar powered energy and start saving on your energy bills.

Free Inspection
Free Inspection

Your first step towards energy independence begins with a full exterior home inspection, conducted by a POWERHOME professional inspector who’ll provide you with a detailed report – FREE OF CHARGE.

Start Saving Now

Why You Need Solar Power

  • Immediately cut electricity bill in half
  • Huge savings year-after-year
  • More affordable than it’s ever been
  • Use clean, renewable energy
  • Greatly reduce your carbon footprint
  • Establish and leave a green legacy for your family
Home Value
  • Build a smart home
  • Incorporate the latest energy technology
  • Create an efficient home
Start Saving Now

How It Works

How It Works


Solar panels convert sunlight into power for your home


An inverter converts DC electricity to house-friendly AC


Your home uses whatever electricity it needs


Unused electricity gets sent back to the power grid and you receive a credit for it

See If You Qualify

Solar in 3 Simple Steps

See if your home qualifies

We’ll let you know if your home is suitable to become a solar home.

Schedule a free, personalized consultation

A solar energy expert will determine the system that best fits your needs.

Set installation date

Installation is easy, fast and completed in just one day.

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Speak with a Solar Expert Today

Call 800 SOLAR 11 today and find out how soon you can start saving money with solar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will Solar Panels Save Me?

While we can’t give you a specific amount, because it depends on a number of factors, we can say that the savings will have you asking yourself why you didn’t switch to solar energy sooner. Contact one of our solar consultants to find out more.

Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

Installed correctly, solar panels will not damage your roof. In fact, solar panels turn your roof - an unused space if there ever was one - into an unlimited energy supply for your home. And, because we’re also a roofing company, you can be sure that when we install your system it will be done correctly.

Do Solar Panels Work In Winter?

They sure do. Even if it’s cold and cloudy, sunlight will reach your solar panels. In fact, cold weather can actually increase the efficiency of your system by reducing the amount of energy that’s sometimes lost to heat. And snow, acting as a reflector can actually improve the overall performance of your system, unless, of course, too much snow is covering your panels, which may impact solar production.