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Locations & Coverage Areas

We serve a variety of markets throughout the country with solar energy solutions. See where we operate in your neck of the woods.

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Georgians have among the highest average monthly electric bills in the nation. That’s what makes the potential addition of solar power so exciting for homeowners in the Peach State. Factor in other potential incentives, and solar may a no-brainer for you and your family.



Energy prices rise approximately 3.5% each year across the U.S. We think that’s too much even for one year, and over time it really adds up. Add solar power in Illinois and avoid the constant worry of rising energy bills. See if solar is right for you.



When you add solar power in Indiana, you increase your home’s value and save on your utility costs. Indiana’s net metering program lets you send your excess energy back through the grid to use later or get credits on your bill.



Getting over 2,900 annual hours of sunlight per year, it’s no surprise the Sunflower State is one of the sunniest states in the U.S. Kansans can take advantage of the natural energy source to power their home and businesses. Go solar today and potentially start owning your power.



Receiving approximately 2,500 annual hours of sunlight, the Bluegrass State has huge potential for growth in the solar industry. The Kentucky sun can produce more than enough solar energy for homeowners to potentially save on their electric bills. Get started with POWERHOME SOLAR today.



With a yearly average of 4-plus hours of peak sunlight per day, Michigan is a great state for solar energy. With electricity rates in the state being among the highest in the nation, Michigan businesses and residents can save considerably by adding solar. Ready to start saving?



Missouri ranks in the top half of U.S. states for average peak sunlight hours. That makes solar power a great option for homeowners in the Show-Me State. And when you factor in federal and local incentives, adding solar is more cost-effective than ever.


North Carolina

North Carolina homeowners who decide to add solar power can take advantage of state rebates and federal tax credits that make switching easy and affordable. Isn’t it time you start saving money on your electric bill?



Ohio offers strong incentives to homeowners, including net metering and solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs). With these incentives, you’ll see lower energy bills for years to come when you switch to a solar panel system. Ready to own your power?



With net metering and solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs), it’s easy to see how adding solar energy in Pennsylvania can save you money in the long run. Are you ready to save by adding solar energy?


South Carolina

Unless you have solar power, if you live in South Carolina, you typically spend more on power than your counterparts in every other state. The upside is, if you add solar power, you could be saving more than most homeowners in the country.



Looking for a way to combat rising energy costs in Tennessee? Imagine the extra things you could do if you had a smaller electric bill, and how that could reduce your stress level. Isn't it time you start saving money with solar energy in Tennessee?



The Lone Star State ranks 2nd in the US for solar, making it poised to become a nationwide leader in the industry. POWERHOME SOLAR is helping Texan homeowners and business owners join their neighbors in the solar movement. Learn how you could potentially save thousands on your electric bills while reducing your independence on the grid.



Virginia receives 4 hours or more of peak sunlight each day, providing plenty of energy for solar production. With net metering available from utility providers including Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power, your savings could quickly add up.


West Virginia

The Mountain State enjoys around 164 days of full sunshine a year on average. This provides plenty of sunlight to generate power for West Virginians’ homes and businesses. With solar panels and a backup battery, residents can potentially lower their electric bills and protect themselves against power outages.


Headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, POWERHOME SOLAR is the leading American-made solar company. We live by our motto “Don’t Rent Your Power, Own Your Power.” Innovation is one of our core values, in how we operate and the level of service we offer our customers. This means we are one of the few companies that does everything for its customers. We are passionate about solar power and building a movement to increase the number of homes powered by the sun and help our customers achieve energy independence.