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Solar Panels in Michigan

Interested in adding solar panels and potentially decreasing your monthly electric bill? Read more to learn how you could use solar energy to power your home or business and potentially save thousands.

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Building a Movement in Michigan

POWERHOME SOLAR is a leading solar company in Michigan, and we’re on a mission to help Michigan homeowners and businesses harness the power of the sun. We offer Michiganders solar solutions designed to meet your needs. Contact us today to join our Michigan solar movement.

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POWERHOME SOLAR Offices in Michigan

We’re at the forefront of solar energy in Michigan. We have three offices in the Great Lake State to prove it. Contact the POWERHOME SOLAR location nearest you to go solar today!

POWERHOME SOLAR Chesterfield Office
(586) 257-0026
56308 North Bay Dr.
Chesterfield, MI 48051

POWERHOME SOLAR Grand Rapids Office
(616) 213-0993
4652 Danvers Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

(248) 479-3339
500 Stephenson Hwy.
Troy, MI 48083

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Solar Power in Michigan with POWERHOME SOLAR

When you choose POWERHOME SOLAR, you’ll have access to energy solutions that help you harvest solar power in Michigan. From our tier-1, monocrystalline solar panels, to our Energy Efficiency Package, we help you potentially reduce future electric bills. On top of that, we offer a Generac battery system to help you store and utilize even more of your solar energy.

We also offer flexible financing and a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on 100% American-made solar panels. See how affordable solar panels can be by giving us a call!

partnership logo with NFL team, detroit lions

Detroit Lions’
Go-Green Initiative

POWERHOME SOLAR supports the Detroit Lions’ Go-Green initiative with solar panel installations that increase energy efficiency and lessen the team's carbon footprint with clean, renewable energy. The parking garage at Ford Field and the team's training facility in Allen Park now utilize solar energy.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Michigan?

Simply put, yes. When you go solar in Michigan, you can enjoy multiple solar power incentives, including potentially lowering your electric bills, helping the environment by using a clean energy source, and doing so with flexible financing.

You could become less dependent on utility companies because you’ll rely on the sun’s power instead of always buying energy from the grid. And when you combine solar panels with battery storage, you’ll have access to power during outages. You’ll also avoid the full brunt of routine rate increases imposed by utility companies.

Beyond those benefits, some Michigan utilities offer net metering incentives that help you earn credit on future electric bills based on the extra solar energy you generate. You also could receive up to a 26% federal tax credit5 to further lower the overall cost of your solar system. Find out more about Michigan solar power incentives today.

Our 3-Step Sales Process

We designed our 3-step sales process to make your solar journey as smooth as possible. Read this section to learn what you can expect when you decide to go solar.

Step 1

Request A Free Quote

To begin the process, submit a contact form and request a free quote. One of our POWERHOME SOLAR representatives will contact you to confirm your location and learn about how much sun your roof or property receives. Once we confirm that you qualify, we’ll work with you to schedule your free consultation.
Step 2

Receive A Free In-Home Consultation

During your free in-home consultation, a POWERHOME SOLAR expert will assess your property and audit your energy usage. Once we identify your energy goals and consumption habits, we’ll present you with a custom solar solution. After you sign your contract, we’ll do all the work needed to prepare your home for installation. Then, we’ll be calling to schedule your solar panel installation.
Step 3

Schedule Your Solar Panel Installation

On installation day, our technicians will promptly arrive at your home to start your solar panel installation. We’ll work diligently to install your solar system, from mounting your panels all the way to connecting them to your electrical box. Once everything is working correctly, we’ll return your home to the way we found it. Sit back and watch as we prepare for your solar system to harvest the sun’s power.

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Don’t Rent Your Power, Own Your Power in Michigan

With solar panels, you can use the sun’s energy to own your power instead of renting it from utility companies. And because Michigan receives an average of 4 hours of peak sunlight per day, you could potentially see an impactful return on your solar investment before you know it. Contact us to start investing in your solar future in Michigan today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will Solar Panels Save Me in Michigan?

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Solar panels help you potentially save money by reducing the amount of electricity you purchase from your local electric company. However, multiple factors contribute to exactly how much you save. Contact us today to find out how we can help you potentially maximize that number.

Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

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No, not if they are installed correctly. When you choose POWERHOME SOLAR for your solar installation in Michigan, we’ll take every precaution to reduce potential roof damage. Explore our customer reviews or our portfolio of completed projects to view our track record of successful installations.

Do Solar Panels Work in the Michigan Winter?

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Even during the snowy Michigan winter, your solar panels still receive sunshine and therefore generate energy. In fact, solar panels could potentially be even more efficient during the winter because they do not lose energy to heat. Overall, the sun’s reflection on solar panels allows them to work efficiently in the winter. However, do note that solar panel production will be affected when covered by snow.

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