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Solar Power in Missouri

The Leading American-Made Solar Company

Energy bills almost always rise. They rarely get lower, and never go away. That is, unless you add solar energy and own your power. Now is a great time to switch and save with solar power in Missouri.
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Building a Movement in Missouri

POWERHOME SOLAR is committed to helping Missouri homeowners cut down on their electric bills by adding solar power. When you own your power, you are in charge of your electricity costs, you can potentially boost your home's value, and you end up leaving a cleaner world for your children and their children. No matter how you look at it, it's a win.

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As leaders in solar power, we’re proud of our accomplishments. We’ve won awards and accolades that make us stand out from other solar companies. But it is the fact that our customers have realized hundreds of thousands in savings that is our most prized reward.

In addition, our commitment to using only American-made solar panels sets us apart from other solar panel companies.

Finally, we are proud to work with outstanding partners that help us broadcast our messaging of clean, green energy to our customers. Our list of partners includes the Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, NC State Athletics and Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Pittsburgh Steelers’
Go-Green Initiative

As part of the Pittsburgh Steelers' green and sustainable initiatives, POWERHOME will help the franchise maximize energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and minimize its carbon footprint. This is just one partnership that is helping a number of NFL franchises to be leaders in green initiatives.

Benefits of Switching to Solar in Missouri

Missouri homeowners who add solar power can take advantage of federal and local incentives that make going solar in Missouri more cost-effective than ever. Incentives for Missouri homeowners include the exemption from property tax increases that result from installing solar panels. This is huge, since adding solar panels could increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars, but your property taxes will not be affected by the solar array's value. In addition to this local incentive, the federal government offers an investment tax credit of 26% that you can deduct from your taxes.

Missouri Solar Power in 3 Easy Steps

Missouri power companies primarily run on fossil fuels, which means that their rates can be unpredictable, and you could be subject to unexpected hikes. And since you can’t go without electricity, you are at their mercy. At POWERHOME SOLAR, we think that homeowners in Missouri should not have to worry about unexpected rate hikes. The higher the rates go, the more you can save with solar power.

The expense involved in solar installation has dropped more than 70% since 2010. This is due to a combination of lowered prices for solar panels and better methods of installation. And at POWERHOME SOLAR, we are offering qualified homeowners a 100%, $0 down financing plan that can make solar power much more affordable. You can add solar power with no initial out-of-pocket expense. Or you can buy your solar panels outright. Whichever you choose, you’ll be saving by generating your own energy.

Step 1

See If Your Home Qualifies

One phone call is all it takes to begin the process of adding solar power. A brief conversation with a solar expert is needed to determine if your home meets the required amount of peak sunlight. Based on that information, we’ll schedule an appointment to come to your home and analyze your energy usage.
Step 2

Energy Usage Analysis

Our solar energy expert will assess your energy usage and recommend a solar panel system that will meet all of your energy needs. You’ll be given a proposal customized to your energy use.
Step 3

Schedule Your
Installation Date

Once you’ve reviewed your proposal and made your decision, we’ll schedule a date for your installation. Unlike other solar panel companies in Missouri, we are also a roofing company. Our team is GAF-certified and current on installation methods.

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Missouri Solar Power Resource Hub

The Show-Me State ranks in the top half of U.S. states for average peak sunlight hours. Missouri gets 5.5 peak hours per day in the summer, 3.97 in the winter, and an average of 4.73 for the year. And since solar panels generate energy even during non-peak hours including cloudy, rainy, or snowy days, there is plenty of sunlight to power your home with solar energy.

In the last decade, solar panel technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Solar panels are at peak efficiency, which is great news if you want to install solar panels in Missouri. The modern designs are practical and sleek. They blend in beautifully with your roof. These improvements to efficiency and design combined with savings make solar power in Missouri so practical. And when you weigh this against the 26% solar credit and the inescapable rise in energy rates, it’s easy to understand the benefits of solar power for Missouri homeowners.

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Don’t Rent Your Power, Own Your Power

Most of Missouri’s energy generation currently comes from coal. More coal was consumed for generation in Missouri in 2018 than any other state except Texas. The cost of fossil fuels is volatile and can quickly change. In addition, the environmental cost of burning fossil fuels is always high. The cost of infrastructure maintenance and repair combined with a dwindling supply of fossil fuels will be driving up the price of electricity in Missouri for the foreseeable future.

Adding solar now will give you an edge. While your neighbors are paying higher prices for their energy and sweating over rising electric bills, you’ll be cool as a cucumber generating your own energy with your sleek, beautiful rooftop solar panels. Adding solar is expected to save you money, and it also helps your local economy and the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Save Money with Solar Power in Missouri?
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When you install solar panels on your roof, you can significantly reduce the amount of energy you need to buy from the power company. However, there are several factors that determine how much you save. To find out how much adding solar power can reduce your electric bill, contact one of our solar consultants today.
Will Solar Panels Damage my Roof?
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When installed correctly, there should be no roof damage. Instead, you’ll be generating energy for you and your family. Our installers take precautionary steps to prevent leaks and damage to your roof when installing your panels. And, since we are a roofing company as well, you can rest assured that your panels will be installed with no damage to your roof.
Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter in Missouri?
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Although Missouri winters are generally cold and snowy, the state still gets close to an average of 4 hours of peak sunlight hours a day during that season. And while solar arrays work best during peak sunlight, they generate energy whenever sun rays reach the panels. Solar panels often work better in colder weather, since they do not lose energy the way they do in hot weather. In addition, sunlight reflected off the snow often helps them work more efficiently.

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