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Missouri Solar Panels

Want to potentially lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint? Contact us today to find out how you could potentially save thousands of dollars with solar energy.

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Building a Movement in Missouri

As one of the leading Missouri solar companies, we’re on a mission to bring the sun’s power to businesses and families across the state. From residential to commercial solar panels, we offer solar solutions designed to meet your needs. Join the solar movement in Missouri today.

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POWERHOME SOLAR Office in Missouri

We’re at the forefront of the solar energy movement in Missouri. Visit us at your local POWERHOME SOLAR office!

(314) 858-5583
209 Hughes Lane
St. Charles, MO 63301

POWERHOME SOLAR Kansas City Office
(816) 207-2019
4251 NE Port Dr
Lee's Summit, MO 64064

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Solar Energy in Missouri with POWERHOME SOLAR

POWERHOME SOLAR offers a myriad of solar solutions to homeowners and businesses in Missouri. We provide tier-1, high-output solar panels designed for energy efficiency. We also offer Generac battery backup technology, as well as an Energy Efficiency Package armed with additional products to help potentially further offset your electric bills.

On top of those benefits, we offer flexible financing, and the American-made solar panels we install come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Combine all of those benefits and you’ll soon realize that solar panels are more affordable than you think.

Missouri Solar Energy Incentives

Missouri residents can take advantage of a variety of solar incentives, including the potential to lower your monthly energy costs and reduce your dependence on grid energy. Both of those things are possible along with our 100%, $0 down financing for qualified homeowners.

Solar panels allow you to potentially source more of your energy from the sun and less from the utility providers. Relying more on yourself for electricity can keep you from bearing the full brunt of rate increases imposed by utility companies. And if you have Generac battery storage, you have some protection against power outages.

Also, Missouri residents can qualify for numerous tax incentives tied to a solar investment. For example, installing solar panels could exempt you from paying taxes on any increases to your property value. In addition, you also could be eligible for a 26% federal tax credit5 to make your investment even more attainable. Learn more about solar incentives in Missouri today.

Our 3-Step Sales Process

Our easy 3-step process is designed to make your decision to go solar as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible. Explore this section to learn what to expect in your solar energy journey.

Step 1

Request A Free Quote

First, submit a contact form to request a free quote. Afterward, you’ll receive a call from a POWERHOME SOLAR representative. In this call, we’ll discuss how much sunlight your roof gets and see if you qualify for solar. If you qualify, we’ll schedule a free in-home consultation at your convenience.
Step 2

Receive A Free In-Home Consultation

During your in-home consultation, one of our POWERHOME SOLAR experts will audit your energy usage and assess your property. After we learn more about your consumption and energy goals, we’ll present you with a project estimate designed just for you. Once you sign your contract, we’ll complete the behind-the-scenes work necessary to get your solar project ready for installation. After that happens, we’ll be calling to schedule your solar panel installation based on your availability.
Step 3

Schedule Your Solar Panel Installation

When installation day arrives, our expert technicians will arrive at your home to install your solar system. From mounting your panels to connecting them to your electrical box, we’ll work efficiently and accurately to get the job done. Once everything is functioning properly, we’ll thoroughly clean our workspace and do all we can to leave your property the way we found it. Before you realize, your solar panels will be harvesting the sun’s power.

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Don’t Rent Your Power, Own Your Power in Missouri

Missouri receives approximately 5.5 peak sunlight hours in the summer and 4 in the winter—that’s an average of 4.7 peak hours of sunlight you could take advantage of year-round!

In addition to the abundance of sunlight, going solar in Missouri allows you to own the power you generate rather than renting it from the utility companies. You could potentially lower your electric costs from month-to-month and potentially see an impressive return on your solar panel investment. Contact POWERHOME SOLAR today to start owning your power in Missouri.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Save Money with Solar Power in Missouri?
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When you add residential solar panels to your Missouri home, you could potentially save money by decreasing the amount of energy you purchase from your local electric company. Numerous factors contribute to how much you could potentially save. Contact us today and we can help you figure out the best solar panel solution to potentially maximize your savings.
Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?
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No, not if they’re installed correctly. At POWERHOME SOLAR, we take extra preventative steps to reduce any potential damage to your roof. From our customer reviews to our portfolio of completed projects, you can trust that your solar panels are installed correctly.
Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter in Missouri?
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Interestingly enough, Missouri solar panels get close to 4 hours of peak sunlight in the winter. That’s more than enough to generate power for your home. Even on cloudy/snowy days, the sun’s reflection on the snow helps power your solar panels. Simply put, solar panels can work better in colder temperatures because they do not lose any energy to the heat.

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