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Solar Panels in Tennessee

Interested in potentially increasing your property value and potentially reducing energy costs? Request a free quote today to learn how you could potentially save thousands with solar.

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Building a Movement in Tennessee

We’re building a Tennessee solar movement, and we want you to be a part of it. When you install solar panels in Tennessee, you could start owning your power and investing in your future. Whether you’re a Tennessee homeowner or a business owner, we’re here for you. Contact us today to learn how you could join the movement.

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POWERHOME SOLAR Office in Tennessee

Visit our POWERHOME SOLAR Tennessee office in suburban Nashville!

POWERHOME SOLAR Nashville Office
(615) 492-8842
730 Middle Tennessee Blvd., Unit 10
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

POWERHOME SOLAR Knoxville Office
860 Lakemont Dr.
Louisville, TN 37777

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Choosing POWERHOME SOLAR for your Solar Panel Installation

POWERHOME SOLAR is one of the premier solar panel installers in Tennessee. Our Energy Efficiency Package, American-made solar panels and Generac battery backups are just some of the reasons why Tennessee homeowners and businesses choose us when going solar.

Combine that with the 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on the solar panels we install, flexible financing and unrivaled solar panel installation process, you’ll see how investing in solar is more attainable than you may have thought.

Tennessee Solar Power Incentives

Tennessee residents can take advantage of multiple incentives when you add solar panels to your home, including potentially lowering your electric bill and reducing your dependence on grid energy. In addition, we have 100%, $0 financing for qualified homeowners.

One of the biggest saving opportunities is the federal tax credit, which allows you to recapture 26% of the system cost if you install your panels by the end of 2022. With solar incentives like these, your dream of going solar becomes closer than ever.

Our 3-Step Process

On top of the environmental and financial benefits in going solar in Tennessee, we offer an easy 3-step process. Read this section below to learn more about each step and see how you can start owning your power.

Step 1

Request A Free Quote

First, submit a contact form and one of our team members will reach out to you. During that initial phone call, we’ll learn more about your home and determine if you qualify for solar. If you qualify, we’ll schedule a free in-home consultation based on your availability.
Step 2

Receive A Free In-Home Consultation

Next, a POWERHOME SOLAR representative will analyze your property and assess your energy usage. After we audit your energy consumption and learn more about your energy goals, we’ll present you with an overall estimate designed specifically to meet your needs. Upon signing your contract, we’ll complete the work behind the scenes to prepare your home for installation. Once that happens, we’ll be calling to get your solar panels installed.
Step 3

Schedule Your Solar Panel Installation

On installation day, our expert technicians will visit your home to install your solar panels. Our process includes mounting your panels to your roof or ground-mounted array and connecting them to your home’s electric box. It won’t be long before your solar panels are up and running. After we ensure that everything works correctly, you can trust that we’ll clean up our workspace and do all we can to leave your home the way we found it.

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Don’t Rent Your Power, Own Your Power in Tennessee

Did you know that more than 35,000 Tennessee homes are already benefiting from solar energy? It could be because the cost of solar panels in Tennessee has dropped by 38% in recent years. It also could be tied to the numerous tax incentives and financing options available. Join the solar movement in Tennessee and request a free quote today to own your power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will Solar Panels Save Me?

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The answer is up to you. A variety of factors contribute to your potential overall savings. When you talk to one of our solar experts, let us know how much you want to potentially save.

Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

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If your solar panels are installed correctly, then you should not have any damage to your roof. Our expert team has a proven track record for successful installations. Choose POWERHOME SOLAR and know that your installation not only will be accurate, but could potentially increase the value of your home.

Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter?

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You’ll be surprised to learn that solar panels can work well in the winter. That’s because your solar panels still capture sunlight on cloudy days, and bright snow reflects sunlight and can increase system performance. However, too much snow on your solar panels can temporarily affect solar production.

Still Have Questions?

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