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Solar Panels in West Virginia

Residents of West Virginia have the potential to save thousands of dollars on electric bills and reduce their environmental impact by going solar.

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Building a Movement in West Virginia

At POWERHOME SOLAR, we’re bringing the solar movement to West Virginia, one home at a time. We’re committed to helping West Virginia residents prioritize a sustainable and environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Through the use of solar energy, we make it possible for West Virginia homeowners and business owners to potentially save thousands of dollars on electric bills by owning their power.

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POWERHOME SOLAR Offices In Your Area

We’re at the forefront of the solar energy movement in West Virginia, and serve your home from our following regional offices.

Pittsburgh Area
(412) 528-6562
726 Ekastown Rd.
Sarver, PA 16055

(540) 307-2433
1910 Loudon Ave. NW
Roanoke, VA 24017

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Why Choose POWERHOME SOLAR As Your Solar Installer?

POWERHOME SOLAR is a leading solar installation company in West Virginia for residential solar solutions. Through our professional, easy installation process, we provide effective solar systems using our premium, American-made solar panels, SMARTPWR360°™ package and Generac battery backup system. We also offer solar solutions for commercial and industrial customers.

The minimum 25-year product workmanship warranty on the panels we install means your solar energy system will last for years to come, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the benefits of your solar panels.

West Virginia Solar Incentives

Beyond the straightforward benefits, there are financial incentives associated with opting for solar energy. These include a 100%, $0 money down2 financing offer for qualified homeowners and the potential for net metering, which could result in a credit on your future electric bills in exchange for the excess energy that you generate.

West Virginia solar customers also qualify for up to a Federal Tax Credit which allows you to apply up to a 26% tax credit5 to your solar panel purchase.5 This incentive falls to 22 percent at the end of 2022 before expiring at the end of 2023, which makes it an ideal time to add solar!

Our 3-Step Sales Process

Our easy, three-step process is designed to make your process of going solar as smooth as possible. Learn more about our solar process below to see how you can gain the full potential benefits, both financial and environmental, of your solar energy.

Step 1

Request A Free Quote

Start by submitting a contact form. A POWERHOME SOLAR team member will contact you to learn more about your property and evaluate whether you qualify for solar. If you qualify, we’ll schedule a free in-home consultation at a convenient time for you.
Step 2

Receive A Free In-Home Consultation

At your free in-home consultation, our expert will analyze your property and evaluate your home’s energy usage. Once we have all the relevant information, we’ll create and present a custom project estimate based on your unique energy goals. Once you’ve signed the contract, our team will start the process of preparing your home for installation. When your home is ready, we’ll schedule the installation of your solar panels based on your availability.
Step 3

Schedule Your Solar Panel Installation

On the day of your installation, our crew will arrive at your home ready to install your solar panel system. This will include adding solar panels to your roof or a ground-mounted array. Once installed, the panels will be connected to your home’s electric box and we’ll check that everything is working as it should. Then, we’ll clean up our workspace and leave your home the way it was when we arrived.

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Don’t Rent Your Power, Own Your Power in West Virginia

West Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful stretches of the Appalachian Mountains, including the Blue Ridge Mountains. On average, West Virginia gets 164 days of sunshine a year, which is plenty to produce power for your home and potentially have some left over to store in a solar battery.

West Virginians have a huge opportunity to potentially save annually with solar energy, so don’t delay adding this clean energy source.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Save Money with Solar Power?
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Solar panel savings vary depending on a number of factors. There’s no one-size-fits-all number! The best way to find out how much you could potentially save is to talk to one of our solar experts. They’ll help you with a customized solar solution design.
Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?
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Correctly-installed solar panels don’t cause any damage to your roof. Our installation experts are skillfully trained so there will be no damage to your roof, and they have a successful track record of roof installations. With POWERHOME SOLAR, you could potentially see an increase in your home’s value!
Do Solar Panels Work in the Winter?
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West Virginia still gets sunshine during the winter months, and even on cloudy days, the sun still generates solar energy. In fact, winter months have the added bonus of generating energy without losing energy to the summer heat.

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