Timing made everything perfect for POWERHOME SOLAR customer Nick Soper

Timing made everything perfect for POWERHOME SOLAR customer Nick Soper

Last Updated: March 26th, 2021 at 5:05 am
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Ever have one of those moments where you’re in the right place at the right time? That’s just what happened to Michigan POWERHOME customer Nick Soper.

Much like many of us question ourselves after making a game-changing purchase, Soper (pictured far left) had a few doubts after signing up to add solar with POWERHOME days earlier. As he wrestled over whether he made the right decision, he happened to see POWERHOME-branded vehicles in a driveway not far from his Oakland County home. Sure enough, POWERHOME was busy putting the finishing touches on a 22-panel array. Soper hoped to get an up close, personal look at what he would be in for when the time came for his own installation. He got that and more from POWERHOME assistant director of operations Rob Potter (pictured second from left), who happened to be on site that day.

Soper had questions about what the panels would look like on his roof and how it would all work. And as a firefighter, Soper had concerns about how a solar system would be shut off in the event of a fire, and how he would be able to access the roof. With the increase in popularity of solar, he thought these answers would be worth sharing with his fellow firefighters should they ever come across a house with solar in the future.

The fire questions are ones that are common among some of our customers. Solar systems are now equipped with rapid shutdown technology. The equipment POWERHOME installs allows for a solar system to be de-energized within 30 seconds by flipping a switch on the inverter box mounted on the side of your home.

Potter answered all of Soper’s questions, and Soper came away seeing “everything that you would want to see in a well performed crew to put [solar] up.”

Nick Soper’s solar sweat equity

Soper’s motivations for adding solar are like many of our customers. He sought ways to potentially save money on his electric bill, and he had been tiring of experiencing numerous power outages at his home. POWERHOME’s offering of solar panels and a battery storage solution gave him the opportunity to check off both boxes.

While learning about POWERHOME’s process fell into his lap, he had work to do before having the chance to get solar on his home. His homeowners association did not permit solar panels, and Soper needed support of 2/3 of his community to overturn the bylaw. Soper estimates that his subdivision includes about 100 homes, so he “walked the beat” to appeal to his neighbors. Turns out it wasn’t a difficult sell for his neighbors.

What’s also helpful for his community was that Soper’s solar mission served as an opportunity to open up discussion on all manners of exterior home improvements, such as sheds and fences. Those who have HOAs with similar rules surely can relate.

“As I’m talking about solar panels, they were literally extending their hand to grab my clipboard to sign,” Soper said.

Soper said it took about 3-4 walks over a month to get the required signatures. This process was an important one, as his success reaffirmed that he made the right decision. He even decided to add two panels to his array, giving him a total of 12. The benefits aligned to his liking, and POWERHOME made it happen.

Special POWERHOME guest at Soper’s installation

Fast forward to early November, and Soper remembered that Potter told him during their initial meeting that he’d be happy to be present during Soper’s installation, and Soper decided to take him up on it. The two found an agreeable date where Potter could make it, giving Soper additional reasons to appreciate the work POWERHOME has done throughout.

“I didn’t have to really worry about anything,” Soper said. “I felt like based with my experience with him, I knew he was gonna take the ball and make sure everything was good.”

Being in the right place at the right time definitely enhanced Soper’s solar experience. We are grateful to him for trusting us with his business, and we wish him all the best as he begins powering his home with solar energy!

While we can’t guarantee Potter will be in your neighborhood to show you the solar ropes, you can expect to have a professional experience with POWERHOME in all aspects of your solar project. You help us build a movement of solar energy, and we want yours to be the next home we work on. Call us today at 800-765-2715! Qualified homeowners can take advantage of our $0 down, 100% financing plan.