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Free Roofing Estimate

Free Professional Roofing Inspection

When you call Power Home for and inspection you can be assured you’re in good hands. We offer complete exterior inspection that includes a full report when we finish evaluating your home. Don’t get taken advantage of, Call Power Home today!

We’ll Teach You What to Keep An Eye Out For

Our experienced roofers will show you after the inspection what to keep an eye out for and when to call for repairs. Knowing when to call before it’s too late will save you both trouble and money in the long run. Trust Power Home.

Roof & Shingle Inspection


A roof inspection is one of those preventative maintenance jobs that’s easy to overlook. Don’t. Keep up on your roof and all neccessary repairs before it becomes a problem. By having our team evaluate your home you can have peace of mind.

Structure & Gutter Inspection


As well as roof repair and replacement, Power Home also installs and inspects Gutter systems. A working gutter system is important to the value of your home. An under-performing or improperly installed gutter can result in very costly damages to landscaping and even corrosion and erosion of your home’s foundation. Power Home gives you peace of mind and value, as proven, trusted exterior professionals.