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Roofing Insurance

Insurance & Protection

We all well know how difficult it can be to get the insurance to pay for anything. Let us at Power Home deal with them for you. We handle claims with many agents and adjusters all over the area. You pay insurance for a reason. Why not use it?

After the initial inspection and estimate for your home, we will have a good idea of what has caused any disrepair on your roof. We track storms and are knowledgeable in many areas of roofing damage as well as repair. We will help you file a claim to repair any roof damage that falls under your insurance coverage.This makes getting a roof for your home a much easier and more pleasant experience. Many times we will find damage to your roof that is covered by your insurance that will allow us to get you and equal or better item at NO COST TO YOU.

Do it better. Do it simpler. Call Power Home today for a no hassle free inspection and see what we can do for you.