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"Our Solar Energy System is making money for us right now." -

The Karsen Family. Saved over $1,200 last year.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar Energy Saves Money

Plain and simple, solar energy makes sense. Once the panels are on your roof, they will produce free electricity for you to use for decades to come. There is nothing for you to do except enjoy the savings.

It’s just a matter of how you pay for your equipment:
- Zero money down financed purchase
- Cash purchase

In both cases, you can save money, lots of money. The typical solar energy system can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the next 20 years.

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Clean Green

Solar Energy is Clean & Green

Not only is solar energy great at saving you money, but the clean electricity it produces is wonderful for our environment.

Coal and nuclear power plants are very problematic. Not only are the emissions from coal plants toxic, but we are just beginning to see the effects of coal ash and the resulting heavy metal pollution in our rivers. And of course warehousing spent fuel rods from nuclear reactors will be an issue for thousands of years until the radiation from them as subsided.

Solar, wind, and hydro power are the future for our county, our economy, and our environment. Wind turbines are efficient, however, they are approximately 10 times the cost of a solar system. Hydro is very efficient, but not many of us don’t have a river in our backyard. But most of us do have sun on our roofs. For the consumer, solar is the future.

Control and Self Reliance with Solar Power

Solar energy not only saves you money, but gives you independence, a greater sense of control over your money, and simply enables you to be more self-reliant. No one likes the feeling that they are strapped to their utility and their unending rate increases.

Utility rates are going to continue their upward trajectory as the cost of fuel for power plants rises. In addition, the billions of dollars it will cost to clean up the coal ash problem will be passed on to all of us.

Generating your own solar electricity will insulate you from these price shocks for years to come.


Solar Energy Means No More Utility Companies

As more people generate their own electricity, there will be fewer and fewer people paying the utility company. How do you think the utilities will pay for the massive overhead costs of maintaining the grid? With less revenue and higher grid maintenance costs, the utilities will have to raise rates dramatically over the years.

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