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Residential Solar Power

American made and proud.

Residential Solar Panels for a Better Future

Solar Will Save Money. It Is That Simple.

Not all solar panels are created equal. With POWERHOME Solar, feel great about your decision to go solar, knowing you’ve chosen highly efficient and reliable American-made residential solar panels backed by an industry-leading warranty.

There are many benefits to solar power and energy solutions. Learn about them here.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Solar power saves you money by giving you control over electric costs. Government tax credits pay for up to 55% of system cost.

Learn the basic of solar energy and how it can help you save money.

How Do Solar Panels Work

Turning the sun’s energy into electricity isn't new. Einstein envisioned the process and the first solar panels became operational in the 1950's.

We keep things simple with our three step process to getting solar power today.

Solar Panel Installation

First, one of our residential solar power consultants will visit with you and do a site evaluation. This includes an assessment of the roof and your current electric usage.

Getting Started with Solar Power

For those who have access to the utility grid and are looking for the most value for their investment, installing solar panels is the way to go. At POWERHOME Solar, we are committed to offering the lowest up-front cost and the lowest-cost system. This way you can easily switch to solar without worrying about your finances today while watching your utility bills go down.

Solar Panels Built to Last

Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. Our American-made solar panels are designed and manufactured to offer you a sleek, all-black design that provides the highest level of efficiency. Not to mention, they are built to withstand strong winds, extreme temperatures and snowstorms.

Advanced Technology

At the heart of every system is the solar cell, designed to stand up to harsh conditions, providing excellent power output and high efficiency.

Unrivaled Performance

Our systems feature some of the most efficient solar panels on the market with class-leading output. More power equals more savings and fewer panels. The panels are designed for wide-ranging racking compatibility and durability.

Superior Aesthetics

Introducing our sleek, all-black design with outstanding power output, making our solar panels low-profile and best suited for residential systems.


Solar panels generate direct current (DC) power, while your household appliances work on alternating current (AC) power. This is why your home solar system comes equipped with an efficient inverter to convert the DC power generated by the solar panels into usable AC power, allowing your home to use the energy it generates first before sending excess energy back to the grid (and spinning back your meter).


Residential Solar Panel Payment Options

Solar Financing and Loans

By financing the entire system, you will have no money out of pocket and can start saving money from Day One.

Cash Purchase

With a cash purchase, you have one initial outlay, but no payments in the future.

Local Experts Supported by a National Brand

Unlike other solar companies, we are determined to make sure the job is done correctly – the first time. We do not believe in hiring subcontractors. Instead, we employ fully licensed electricians and solar installation contractors who specialize in customizing your residential solar system according to city codes and building materials. We are one of the few companies that designs, permits, finances, sells, installs, maintains and monitors solar energy systems and panels 100 percent in-house.

We might be a national brand, but our expertise and support work at the most local level to offer you the highest quality and service.

The POWERHOME Solar System

We believe going solar should be as simple as 1-2-3. The POERHOME Solar difference lies in our streamlined process that makes switching to solar simple.

Step 1: Check if Your Home Qualifies

Once you start your solar qualification, our solar experts will determine if you and your home qualify for a residential solar system.

Step 2: Schedule a Personalized Consultation

After obtaining a qualification, our solar energy experts will evaluate your home to determine the residential solar system that best fits your home’s needs.

Step 3: Set Installation Date

After we complete the necessary behind-the-scenes work (design, permitting, HOA permissions etc.), installation is easy, convenient and often completed in just one day. Our goal is to get your new solar system fast and efficiently.


The POWERHOME Solar Difference

Our mission is to make solar accessible for everyone that wants to do their part and contribute to a cleaner and greener tomorrow. When others say solar power systems can’t be affordable, we say it is time for Americans to stop renting their power and start owning their power! With POWERHOME Solar, installing a residential solar energy system is possible thanks to our solar difference.

Flexible Financing

Financing your home solar system doesn’t have to be complicated. POWERHOME Solar offers flexible payment options, so you can choose what’s right for your home – cash or loan.

With $0 Down Options

With our exclusive $0 down solar plans and 100% financing options, you can start saving with no up-front cost. Thanks to our flexible solar financing, you can make the switch to solar with no out-of-pocket expense.

Free Home Review

One of our POWERHOME Solar experts will further evaluate your home to determine the solar power system that best fits your home's needs and your expectations.