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Affordable Solar Panel Financing

Two Options For Purchasing Solar Panels


Solar Panel Financing with Zero Down Payment

For those who want to do other things with their cash, a zero down financing option allows you to start saving by cutting down your power bill with no money out of pocket.

Your new, dramatically lower utility bill plus your solar payments will be less than your old electric bill and saving will accumulate quickly over the years, especially as utility rates continue to soar.

And when your system is paid off, the savings will be even more dramatic. There are never any pre-payment penalties so pay the system off as fast as you want.

Financing may be obtained either through your own sources (local bank, home equity line, etc.) or through our sources, lenders who know solar.


Cash Purchase

For people looking to maximize their investment returns.

From Day One, your new electric bill (with no associated solar payment) means tons of extra cash in your pocket every year.

In both cases above, you own the system.  These options are not leasing or PPA agreements where someone or some other company owns the system.  If you sell your home you never have to worry about whether or not the purchaser will qualify for a lease or PPA as with a leased system.