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Polling data shows solar is most favored form of electricity among U.S. voters

Who wants to see electric companies invest more in solar power and who wants more governmental action to promote the use of large and small-scale solar power as a whole? According to new polling information among registered voters conducted by the Global Strategy Group, 76 percent of the 750 voters polled nationwide share those beliefs — making it the preferred form of electrical generation over wind, nuclear and fossil fuels.

The fact that solar is cleaner than other forms of generated electricity, is becoming more affordable for Americans and is driving economic and job growth were the best arguments to favor solar, according to the poll.

“The polling showed that the industry does have an opportunity to move the needle in its favor,” Global Strategies Group senior vice president Andrew Baumann said in a statement. “Whether it’s support for pro-solar policies, a desire to invest in solar, or an interest in taking actions to advancing solar deployment, people’s pro-solar opinions became stronger with better information.”

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Power Home Solar is doing its part to educate the public on the value of going solar at home, and each of the three arguments stated above are reasons we use to show customers the value of solar. Solar panels emit no greenhouse gases in making power and come with a 25-year warranty, with many panels expected to last beyond that. Costs for solar have fallen 70 percent nationwide since 2010, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. That cost reduction has been a huge driver of Power Home’s success, as the company has grown exponentially since beginning business in 2015. In July, the company was ranked the No. 12 residential rooftop installer in the nation by Solar Power World.

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