POWERHOME SOLAR named 2019 Top Workplace by Charlotte Observer

POWERHOME SOLAR named 2019 Top Workplace by Charlotte Observer

Last Updated: March 29th, 2021 at 4:16 pm
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POWERHOME SOLAR has more than 650 employees across its nine-state footprint, and one of the best things about working for this energy efficiency company is not only the difference it makes for its customers, but its employees. Those that demonstrate an aptitude for greater responsibility have the chance to move up quickly in the company, and that brings a level of excitement to the work.

While we know this internally, it is great when others validate it externally. On Sunday, POWERHOME SOLAR was named one of the top 60 workplaces in the Charlotte, N.C., area by the Charlotte Observer. POWERHOME, which is based in Mooresville, N.C., just 30 minutes north of Charlotte, was ranked No. 7 among medium-sized companies in this year’s rankings. The rankings are based solely on a scientific employee survey process conducted by Philadelphia-based Energage.

How POWERHOME SOLAR has built a top workplace

“What’s really unique and cool is most of our directors have all started from the bottom,” POWERHOME CEO Jayson Waller says. “All of our regional [managers] and project managers have all started from the bottom. All of our district managers have all started from the bottom. All of our managers of customer service have started from the bottom.

“I look at it like I look at sports. We want you to go through Single-A, Double-A and Triple-A in baseball and then you gotta get to the majors. So we want to groom our own talent. As long as they fit the culture and they’re passionate, we feel like we can teach them the skill sets and show them the POWERHOME way, and then they’re able to flourish and shine.”

What’s unique about POWERHOME’s leadership team is that Waller and his co-founder, chief operating officer Kevin Klink, do not hold college degrees. Klink completed one semester at Glendale (Ariz.) Community College, and Waller did not attend college at all. Yet here is this duo and the other two members of its leadership team making a sizable impact on the renewable energy business by becoming the fastest-growing solar provider in the U.S. among companies on the 2019 Inc. 5000. Among all companies on the 2019 list regardless of business type, POWERHOME was ranked No. 100, which is the second time in three years that the company has made the top 100 of this this prestigious list.

“I worked in corporate America at AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and I was passed over on promotions that I thought and believed I rightfully earned based on results, but they bring in people with more experience sometimes outside,” Waller said. “So I always told myself that I want to build a company that if you put in the hard work and you put in the efforts and you believe and you are passionate about what you do and your ‘why’ is rowing the same way as everybody else in the company and we’re on the same path. If you are in that and you are busting your butt, we want to be able to grow and give that person an opportunity, and then grow again and then let them train their person to replace them and let them grow again, and really grow within.”

How you can work for POWERHOME SOLAR

What Waller describes is what you can experience in working for POWERHOME SOLAR. 2019 has been another year of huge growth for the company. It has opened markets in three new states in Indiana, Missouri and Illinois, and also made an investment to grow its South Carolina market by adding an office near the state capital in Columbia. POWERHOME is about bringing positive results for its customers and its fellow employees, and those who do can thrive.

Should you want the opportunity to work for this fast-growing company, POWERHOME SOLAR has a number of opportunities available across its markets, and it would love to see if your skills are a match for our organization. As the career track of our co-founders shows, you don’t need a college degree to succeed here. That’s what makes it exciting not only to work for, but to work with.