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Interested in the commercials, but not the football? POWERHOME has 3 for you!

It’s the day of the Big Game, when the New England Patriots will be facing the Los Angeles Rams for the championship trophy. We know not all of you will be watching for the football, but will be watching for the commercials. So we at POWERHOME Solar thought we could add to your viewing pleasure by sharing the commercials we’ve shot with three NFL teams this past season!

POWERHOME Solar has forged partnerships with four NFL franchises — the Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers — and we’ve already installed solar panels for Browns and Lions, with the Panthers and Steelers still forthcoming. We’re excited to help them with their own green and sustainability initiatives.

But what was really great was the chance to have some Panthers, Browns and Lions players help us tell the story of clean, green energy. With every commercial we do, we aim to have fun and produce some laughs, and as you’ll see, we delivered! So as you count down the hours to the game, check out our commercials.


Our commercial with the Panthers was unique because one of the team’s top players, Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil, directed the shoot. He involved a number of teammates, including Luke Kuechly, Curtis Samuel and Greg Van Roten, and even had a well-known comedian buddy of his, Ryan O’Flanagan, play the lead role. Kalil delivered hilarity, and he even had himself cracking up while doing the shoot.

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Our commercial with the Browns included a lot of great elements. The Floss. A talking dog. Browns fan favorite Britton Colquitt. POWERHOME Solar CEO Jayson Waller and his son. It ended up going viral, and when you have a sports media personality such as ESPN’s Katie Nolan devoting about 15 minutes of her show to dissect our commercial, you know you’ve done something meaningful and memorable. Enjoy!


Lions special teams standouts Sam Martin and Matt Prater starred in this commercial shot at Ford Field. We knew that Martin has a great leg, but we didn’t expect him to bust the windshield on one of our POWERHOME Solar cars. Alas, it’s the crazy side effects for not having solar panels installed at his home!

So yeah, we had fun in 2018, and we can’t wait what 2019 has in store. We’re just as excited to see what we can do with the Steelers!

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