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Solar Panel Farming

Why Solar Makes Sense


At Power Home Solar, we take pride in helping you to bring your property to its full potential. Solar farms are the greenest form of energy generation. For example….

Coal: Major pollution from greenhouse gases and heavy metals in coal ash.

Natural Gas: Most natural gas is obtained through fracking.  Fracking has been linked to micro earthquakes.  The central part of the US is experiencing hundreds of these a year now.  Pollution of ground water and aquafers is also being attributed to fracking.

Nuclear: Huge problems with transporting and storing highly radioactive spent fuel rods.

Wind: Standing tall above the landscape, wind turbines kill endangered birds that fly into them, and wind farms need massive amounts of acreage to errect.

Hydro: Requires thousands of acres to flood, wiping out homes and farm land.

Solar:  Low profile, non-polluting, stationary, panels last for decades and they look super cool.



Benefits of Leasing Solar

By leasing your land for a solar project, your land lease terms are far superior to leases from crops or grazing (typically in the $30-$125 per acre per year range).

Solar leases on the other hand range from $300 per acre to over $1000 per acre; a dramatic increase in revenue.  The solar developer also will pay your property taxes.  After signing a ground lease your involvement in the project is zero.  All you need to do is enjoy the revenue and the fact that your property will stay in the family for years to come.

Please note our minimum requirements:

1. Your electric utility provider at that location must be either Duke Energy, Duke Carolinas, Duke Progress, or SCE&G.

2. You must have at least 7 acres of relatively flat land. Either wooded or cleared is okay.
To see if your land qualifies, please fill out the form below.

We thank you in advance for considering Power Home's Commercial Solar Division as your partner in generating clean power for our country, and preserving your land for your family’s future.