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Commercial Solar

You Have Two Choices For Your Business When It Comes To Electrical Payments

you can make money, or spend money.

Right Now, You Will Make Electrical Payments Forever

By going solar, you can save money and earn a return on your investment.

It really is that simple.

Power Home Solar offers many different roof mount options for our solar panels and energy.

Solar Rooftops

Your roof doesn’t have to be only for protection from the elements.  Turn your roof into an electric generator with a solar energy system.

No matter the size, Power Home Solar can help your business obtain a grid-sized solar system.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Not enough space on your roof, but have acreage?  Ground mount systems are utility grade solutions that are the ultimate in IRR.

We offer custom-designed solar canopy solutions for businesses.

Solar Carports

That large asphalt area can provide a lot more than some parking spaces.  Increase your ROI by generating electricity and some nice cool parking spots.