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Solar Rooftops

Benefits of a Rooftop Solar Application:


  • We begin with including the roof weatherproofing in the design because it is economically pointless to install a Photovoltaic investment on an out of warranty or aging rooftop.
  • Fluid Applied Roofing systems can be used to insure all roof penetrations are flashed water tight and warranted for the life of the investment.
  • Power Home Commercial Solar utilizes reflective roofing technology to enhance PV cell energy production where appropriate to achieve the most efficient project energy production rates.
  • We design and deliver the most energy production per square foot of roof at the lowest Levelized Cost Of Energy.
  • Each photovoltaic roof system is custom designed to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.
  • PV Racking is designed to be attached, when required, improving system life longevity, and engineered to meet up to 165 mph wind zone criteria.
  • DC to AC inversion is typically designed in a distributed manner to decrease DC line losses and improve overall system production of AC power.
  • RCS will turn your current roof maintenance costs into a Revenue providing Renewable Investment.