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Resources for Going Solar

Interested in owning your power by going solar? The resources located on this page will help you understand solar energy and make a more informed decision on what’s right for your home. Explore the below pages to find out more.

Advantages Of Solar

Save money. Reduce carbon footprints. Gain energy independence. Learn how solar can benefit your home, wallet and life.


Everything you need to know before going solar can be found in our blog! Stay up to date with the latest in solar news, our expansion plans, sustainability efforts and expert insights by exploring our blog.

Case Studies

Real customers. Real stories. Real results. Hear what people like you have to say about their decision to go solar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Expert advice available at your fingertips! Find answers to your frequently asked questions and learn more about POWERHOME SOLAR here.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?

Our easy-to-follow page details the steps our solar experts take to determine the right number of solar panels for your household’s needs. There are more factors than you might think!

How Solar Panels Work

Learn more about the dynamic functionality of solar power and how solar panels gather energy from the sun. You’ll also discover how solar systems can integrate with your existing infrastructure.


Find out about our mission to build a solar energy movement nationwide and stay up to date on the latest in solar with our press.

Solar Glossary

From A to Z, all solar energy terms you’ll need to know are found here. Get to know the ins and outs of your new energy source with our informative solar glossary!

Solar Panel Installation Guide

Solar panel installation is quick and painless with your local experts at POWERHOME SOLAR. Learn more about what works for your home with our 3-step solar installation outline below.


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Hear what customers nationwide have to say about POWERHOME SOLAR’s excellent customer service and high-quality products below.


Learn more about the guarantees that live behind POWERHOME SOLAR’s industry leading solar panel systems.