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Inclement Summer Weather Is Here,
Losing Your Power Could Be A Disaster

The thought of being one storm away from losing power in your home is a nightmare. The protection of your in-home energy source has never been MORE IMPORTANT.

Imagine not being able to keep your food or medical supplies refrigerated during an outage!

POWERHOME SOLAR, the nation’s fastest growing solar energy company, has your SOLUTION.

We’ve partnered with Generac, the nation’s largest provider of in-home back up battery and generator systems, to bring you a single, safe, sustainable energy source that will power your home – NO MATTER WHAT!

Call us at (855) 506-0883 and you’ll receive $1,800 CASH BACK on our exclusive POWERHOME-Generac Home Energy Stimulus Program.

POWERHOME SOLAR and Generac, the new super power in home energy.

Stay safe and own your power.

Jayson Waller Founder,

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