Anglea Ealey System Details

Charlotte, North Carolina
16 solar panels
Power Generation

The Queen City, better known as Charlotte, North Carolina, is a growing metropolitan area brimming with southern hospitality. Angela Ealey, who shares a home with her twin sister in Charlotte, embodied that hospitality when she welcomed POWERHOME SOLAR into her home back in 2018.

Ealey has a solar array of 16 solar panels on her home, the same house that she and her sister grew up in. Now at her three-year solar anniversary, the system POWERHOME SOLAR installed produced 98 percent of what was projected in 2019, at 92 percent in 2020, and she’s on her way to tracking to 100 percent in 2021 – which is to say, excellent production! Ealey’s passion for creating a cleaner environment is one of her biggest reasons for going solar, and it makes her proud she’s doing her part. She is now looking into adding a Generac battery for her system, giving her additional control over her power source.


Ealey was impressed with the installation and described the dark, tinted solar panels on her roof as “chic.”

“The sales representative was excellent,” Ealey exclaimed. “The process was exciting, very quick, very professional.”

The installation only took a few hours, and afterward she was thrilled to begin her journey as a solar energy producer and consumer, allowing her to potentially save money on her electric bills. The importance of contributing to a cleaner environment was atop Ealey’s priority list when she began her solar research. She saw POWERHOME SOLAR as the best option for her home.

For the Love of Solar

Adding this modern spin to her classic, childhood home was an exciting experience for Ealey. The company’s upbeat commercials drew her in, and her satisfaction with the white-glove service she received from POWERHOME SOLAR makes her belt out the catchy tune!

“I don’t have to worry about high electric bills anymore,” Ealey said. “We’re not gonna take it!”

With her solar investment, Ealey believes she is a step ahead in regard to energy efficiency and encourages others to go green. Ealey believes solar is the future, and she continues to encourage her friends and neighbors to go solar with POWERHOME SOLAR because of her experience