Brendan Howard System Details

Kalamazoo, Michigan
20 solar panels
5.90 kw system
Power Generation

As the patriarch in a family of seven and a teacher living in Michigan, Brendan Howard knows a thing or two about living on a budget. After upgrading to a larger home a few years ago, Howard became concerned over how costly some of his new expenses had become. “Just seeing how high our electrical and gas bill was, I was like ‘Hey, we got to make a change!”

Howard and his wife did some research looking into other energy sources when they happened upon POWERHOME SOLAR, the same company that helped Michigan’s own Detroit Lions go solar. The Howards setup a consultation with one of our Field Energy Consultants. “Nick was really open and honest with us… he was excellent.” Nick was able to show Howard the numbers, and Howard liked what he saw. “We called a few other companies…” Howard said, “…POWERHOME SOLAR was by far the best value.”

Despite hearing from some that solar power wouldn’t work in the Wolverine State and having known no neighbors utilizing solar technology, the Howards took the leap… and are certainly glad they did. In fact, during 2020, their solar system produced at 108 percent of what was expected based on the system design.

First, the installation went better than they expected. The Howards say the crew doing the work was upfront, courteous, and put their minds at ease with POWERHOME SOLAR’s white glove service. “We really didn’t have to do anything; we were able to sit, relax and watch the work getting done… their work was top notch.”

Next, they noticed that their utility expenses were dramatically reduced. According to Howard, his electric bill plummeted in the very first month his solar system was turned on. Brendan says he now enjoys looking at his monthly invoice from the power company. “We were blown away by the huge price drop… it’s so much less than I ever thought it would be!”

With five children, solar also helped to keep the family’s expenses low during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the devices keeping them connected were running on electric power. “Having the solar panel [system] has really benefitted us during this time,” Howard said.

The unpredictable winter weather may give many homeowners living near the Great Lakes trepidations about joining the solar revolution, and Howard has heard those arguments before. However, he says it’s not an issue. Snow only sticks to the panels for a day or two at most and Howard says that “…it’s rare that we see a zero in [daily] production.”

Being the first family on the block with solar panels installed, the Howards love sharing their savings with curious neighbors, if not gloating a little about it. Especially when they see the utility company raise their prices.  “As soon as that rate hike happens, everybody in your neighborhood is going to be paying more for electricity and [I’m] going to be paying the same.” Some of Brendan’s inquisitive co-workers in the teacher’s lounge have also heard about his triumphant bill reduction with POWERHOME SOLAR. “We live on pretty tight budgets, if you can find a way to save a couple hundred bucks a month, that’s huge.”

In fact, Brendan Howard would recommend a system from POWERHOME SOLAR to anyone looking to potentially save money on their electric bill… not to mention, reduce their reliance on the grid. “Going solar was absolutely a no brainer…” says Howard. “You’re no longer paying somebody else for a service that you’re generating on your own. You own your own power!”