Brent Cavalline System Details

Charlotte, NC
13 solar panels + Generac backup battery
4.16 KW system
Power Generation

Brent Cavalline struggled to remember the biggest thing he’s ever won in his life prior to winning POWERHOME SOLAR’s PWR Your Life sweepstakes with the Carolina Panthers. After thinking a moment, what came to mind was winning $20 on a lottery ticket.

Cavalline has a new leader in the clubhouse after POWERHOME SOLAR awarded he and his family a 13-panel solar system with a Generac battery backup. Cavalline entered the sweepstakes contest geared toward Panthers fans early during the 2020 season, and when his name was drawn, it was hard for him to believe at first. But with the equipment now on the roof of his Charlotte, NC, home, he’s a believer.

Cavalline has been Panthers fan and season-ticket holder since 1995, when the team played its inaugural season at Memorial Stadium at Clemson University. He even went to Super Bowl 38, a game the Panthers lost to the New England Patriots 32-29. He can be found on fall Sundays at Bank of America Stadium in Section 113, energized by the crowd and the steps the team took in a rebuilding year under first-year coach Matt Rhule.

Now, he’ll be drawing energy at his home from the sun, and he’s excited about the prospect of the panels offsetting about half of his current electric bill. And because he didn’t have to pay for the solar panels or battery, the savings he’ll see will be immediate.

“POWERHOME made this process extremely easy,” Cavalline said. “I had a number of people that were part of a team to get everything together. All I had to really do was approve a few things here and there, give them a little bit of information here and they ran from everything. From the design to the permitting and everything in between, all I had to do is give my approval.”

While Cavalline and his family get to sit back and enjoy this new energy source, he’ll be channeling Steve Smith, his favorite Panthers player of all time, as he tenaciously seeks ways to do even more for the environment.

“Having a system like this is a great first step, and this has also initiated the drive within my family and myself to look into other ways that we can make our house more energy efficient and eco-friendly,” Cavalline said.