Eric and Andrea Trio System Details

Bellaire, Ohio
12 Solar Panels (original 8 panel system in 2018 + 4 panel expansion in 2020)
3.6 KW system
Power Generation

Bellaire, Ohio, is known for a few bridges that have made their way into movies, but it’s now famous for having Eric Trio and his wife Andrea added to the ranks of POWERHOME SOLAR customers. All the homes nestled along either side of the Ohio River’s banks are part of what makes this city cool, but where you’ll find the Trio home is atop a bluff on the river’s west side. On the way to the top, a picturesque view of the valley can be seen through the trees.

But what really makes the Trios distinctive is that they decided to add 4 panels to their existing array of 8, now giving them a dozen on their home. Put simply, the Trios liked what they saw production-wise since the system was first energized late in 2018 and aimed to maximize it even more to offset their two biggest things that draw power – their air conditioner and pool pump. An evaluation of their first calendar year with solar shows that the system has produced at 101.5 percent of what was proposed, highlighting the quality of our projections throughout the changing seasons.

The Trios are also rather unique in the fact that when they initially added solar panels to their home, they used the 30 percent federal solar tax credit to pay off bills that needed more immediate attention. They appreciated that flexibility, which is something all POWERHOME customers have the option of doing.

Why the Trios chose solar

In making the initial decision to add solar panels, the Trios knew that a solar system would make sense because they had such great exposure to the southern sky, where the most solar production can be gathered each day. Eric also came loaded with questions for his in-home consultation, having written them out on his iPhone. All but one of those were answered that day, with the remaining one being answered shortly thereafter.

Fast forward to the install, and the news continued to be positive. One of the first full months with their solar panels was January 2019, when the Trios’ power bill was approximately $30. That’s in comparison to the $130-$150 bill they averaged during their days of budget billing with the power company. They don’t have to worry about that now, as they’re billed for actual production. And with their panels providing the majority of their power, the savings on the electric bill indeed add up. But that’s not the only reason why solar made sense for the Trios. They’re thinking more about the long term.

“People are getting bigger on leaving less of a carbon footprint on the Earth,” Eric says. “I think that was big for us too, how can we play our part to help out a little bit. You want to leave the Earth in a better place for your children. You want the same things you had still being around whenever they’re older, and hopefully that generation will take care of us when they’re older.”

Why the Trios chose POWERHOME SOLAR

There were a few other things that made the Trios choose POWERHOME. They liked the fact that the Cleveland Browns trusted POWERHOME to add solar panels at their stadium, even if they’re not fans of the team. And they appreciated POWERHOME’s energy efficiency package, which comes standard for every homeowner that goes solar with us. While the Trios declined getting added blown insulation into their attic, knowing they already had plenty, they did find value in getting 20 LED light bulbs, a hot water heater blanket and attic staircase cover. POWERHOME’s EEP offering is even more robust now, with the addition of a solar attic fan, among other items.

“It was a good deal to get the ‘extra’ with it,” Eric says.

All the research that the Trios did has paid off, and in adding 50 percent more panels to their array since we visited their home, they can’t wait to see what happens from here. They had plenty of roof space to accommodate the 4 extra panels, and it should be fun to see the additional production in the coming months.

Thinking about adding more solar panels to your home, or looking to get started? The Trios’ experience shows you what is possible. Solar made sense for the Trios, moreso now than ever. We’re betting it makes sense for you too.