Jeff and Cindy Haverly System Details

Brownsburg, Indiana
17 Solar Panels
5.1KW System
Power Generation

For many POWERHOME SOLAR customers, the biggest driver in adding solar panels at their home is the opportunity to reduce their electric bills. For others, the opportunity to do something good for the environment is too good to pass up. Count Brownsburg, Indiana, resident Jeff Haverly in the latter category.

Haverly, a retired engineer, says he had no perception of what he was using in terms of the Earth’s resources until recently. With grid electricity primarily generated by burning fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, those resources emit thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into the air annually and add up to a massive carbon footprint for all. Haverly sees solar panels as a way of reducing that.

“Over time, my carbon footprint has probably been selfishly high,” Haverly says. “It’s time to do what I can to make up for that.”

So Haverly has an urgency to make up for that lost time, and that determination has manifested itself in several ways. Both he and wife Cindy drive Toyota Priuses, with each hybrid vehicle averaging about 50 miles per gallon. Shortly after he had solar installed in July 2019, he held two open houses to give those in his subdivision the chance to check out his solar panels, and he even attended an environmental conference.

Pride in solar panel ownership

During the open house opportunities, Haverly showed off his 17-panel array, with 9 of the panels fitting on one roof surface, and the other 8 on an adjoining surface. Along with POWERHOME’s design and the permits that were secured as part of this project, there was one other key piece of information that Haverly enjoyed sharing with his neighbors – his new $14 electric bill, down 90 percent from the $140 bill he got from the month prior to adding solar. While he opted for an offset of approximately 67 percent of his electric bill, there were a few reasons why he saw additional savings.

The first one is that the Haverlys had gone away for two weeks shortly after their solar panels were energized, and in being away, they turned off their air conditioner to keep from wasting energy. Haverly returned to find that his home had only used 20 kilowatt hours of electricity during their absence, so with an electricity price of $.12 kWh, Haverly’s home used only $2.40 of grid energy during that fortnight.
“You just can’t argue with that,” Haverly said.

The other savings came from installing a Sense monitor, a device hooked to his electrical panel that allows him to track his electricity use in real time. On top of the application that allows him to track his solar production, the Sense monitor has made him even more mindful of his electricity use, thereby helping him to reduce his electric bill even more.
And that’s how solar has made sense for Haverly. Being so concerned about leaving a better environmental legacy is already paying off, just as he anticipated. Haverly also appreciated the fact that POWERHOME uses American-made panels.

“I was signing papers before Cindy came home because I was so excited about doing it,” Haverly said of his initial visit with POWERHOME. “And I knew it would pay off

The value in working with POWERHOME SOLAR

That excitement prompted Jeff to make a few calls to local jurisdictions to make way for his solar panel installations. However, Haverly found that he’d already been beat to the punch by POWERHOME, which does all the behind-the-scenes work in preparation for solar panel installation, and then we install the solar panels too. Haverly didn’t need to lift a finger. Our customers love the fact that they’re dealing with one entity throughout the process.
“POWERHOME made it so easy. I was out trying to expedite and call the homeowners association and call the town of Brownsburg,” Haverly said. “When I did that, POWERHOME had already done it, and this was like 2 days after we signed the papers. I was so impressed that they jumped on everything and were making calls.”
So the easiest call that you may make is calling POWERHOME to begin the solar process with us. We look forward to hearing from you from America’s Heartland!