Jim and Lyn Boerkoel System Details

Fennville, Michigan
27 solar panels
8.1 kW system
Power Generation

Like so many others, Jim and Lyn Boerkoel warmed to the idea of going solar because it had the potential to lower their electric bills. It further helped that they had a son living in southern California who already had solar panels and believed in the technology himself. Those factors ultimately led the Boerkoels to make the solar leap with help from POWERHOME SOLAR.

What they didn’t anticipate is that their solar system, pound for pound, would outproduce their son’s. Even though California is among the sunniest states in the nation, the smog in southern California curtails some of that production. Compare that to the air quality found in Fennville, Michigan, just a handful of miles inland from the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, and Jim and Lyn could afford to gloat if they wanted. But really, they’re more thankful for his advice.

“It is awesome to know that we have more solar produced here than our son in California,” Jim says. “We have more panels, but even if you just figure out that difference, we still have much more solar production, even though they have a lot more sun.”

What a difference solar panels can make

The Boerkoels say that their highest electric bills before adding solar panels ranged from $250-$300. That’s now down to a monthly average of about $50. And get this – Jim says that they had seven consecutive months with electric bills lower than $10. So opening the power bill now isn’t as scary as it used to be.

The Boerkoels have had their solar panels energized since December 2019, so they’ve seen how it works throughout a full year. The panels have produced 100 percent of what we projected when they signed up. For their part, they have a great home for solar. The front of their home faces south, and they have three portions of the roof where the 27 panels reside – 12 above their attached garage, and then arrays of 9 and 6 on top of their home. It’s easy for us to say the panels look great, but the Boerkoels believe they do too, given that they’re all-black and have such a low profile on the roof.

“When I get our power bill now, it’s really fun to open to see how low it really is,” Lyn says.

Solar stokes a fire in others

What’s cool is that the Boerkoels have ended up being a neighborhood trend setter. Their next-door neighbor saw the panels on the Boerkoels’ home, and in learning more, they too went solar with help from our company. That’s how we’re Building A Movement of solar panels, one customer at a time. It’s exciting when others buy into it and see the results.

“People often wonder if going solar makes sense here in Michigan because we do get snow, we do get cloudy days,” Jim says. “But the temperature really has nothing to do with any of that. We outproduce our son out in California. It doesn’t matter here if it’s 10 degrees or 90 degrees. As long as it’s sunny out, we’re producing great solar.”

The Boerkoels love that they’re reducing their reliance on the middle man (aka the power company). By relying more on themselves for their electricity, their electric bills are indeed lower. And thanks to the pure Michigan air quality, they’re maximizing that value.

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