Nick Esper System Details

Detroit, MI
13 Solar Panels + Generac backup battery
4.81 KW system
Power Generation

It was a complete shock to Detroit-area-resident Nick Esper when he got the call that he was the winner of a 13-panel solar system with a Generac battery backup system. In fact, he wasn’t sure it was real at first as he messaged the POWERHOME SOLAR Facebook page to confirm the authenticity of being named the sweepstakes winner.

Esper vaguely recalled entering the sweepstakes on Facebook at the beginning of the 2020 NFL season. He attributes his entering the contest to the fact that it was related to his favorite NFL team, the Detroit Lions. Esper is such a big Lions’ fan, in fact, that his favorite memory is of the first game he ever went to in 1997 when Barry Sanders became the third running back in NFL history to cross the 2,000-yard threshold in a single season.

Although Esper claims to be unlucky, as he has never won more than a little bit of cash off a lottery ticket before, he says his luck has changed now that he has a solar array residing on his roof.

“I have never really won anything this major before,” said Esper. “It was real easy working with POWERHOME SOLAR during this process of getting the solar panels installed and everything set up.”

Although Esper got a free system, he had previous interest in solar. Esper had researched solar panels and loved the idea of relying less on the grid and generating his own electricity. Esper sees himself as energy conscious. Now he will be able to harness power from the sun, while lowering his carbon footprint and seeing potential savings on his electric bill.