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Reduced solar cost? Michigan Tech professor, research team make key discovery

Solar panel technology is constantly improving because of companies and researchers looking to build a more efficient and cost-effective product. That stands to reduce the cost of going solar for consumers and lead to more people seeing the value of adopting solar technology to power their homes.

The latest breakthrough came courtesy of Michigan Tech professor Joshua Pearce and a number of fellow researchers at Aalto University in Finland, per a study published in Energies, an energy industry research journal. That team found that switching silicon in solar cells and treating the cells with a special coating dropped overall costs by more than 10 percent through increased cell efficiency. That drop came despite each cell being more costly to produce.

Increasing efficiency is what technology is all about. If you pay more up front to save even more on the back end, the result is a major win for businesses, and ultimately, consumers.

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Pearce believes that this study could be one where countries such as the U.S. leverage it to gain a stronger hold on an ever-emerging solar market. Solar energy only accounts for 2 percent of all electricity in the U.S., but with more people going solar at home every day, and with business leveraging use of that energy from large-scale solar farms and their own installations, that number is only getting bigger.

“I don’t know which technology will end up being the one to dominate the solar field,” Pearce said, per a news release from Michigan Tech; however, “the study shows the clear economic impetus to move in the direction of dry-etched black silicon PERC (passive emitter rear cells) that wasn’t there before.”

The cost of solar has been reduced by more than 70 percent since 2010, per the Solar Energy Industries Association, and with future technological breakthroughs, it stands to be reduced even further. It is an exciting time to be alive when clean, renewable solar energy can do wonders for reducing a country’s carbon footprint and saving consumers money in the process.

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As technology improves, prices drop. As prices drop, more people adopt the technology. And it is because of that innovation, and with national and state incentives to go green, we envision solar panels being cheaper and more efficient in the future.

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