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Can I add solar panels to an existing solar system? Yes, they are modular

When thinking about adding solar panels to your home, you have a number of questions that need answering. Do you want the panels on your roof or on a ground-mounted array? Will your HOA allow installations? Will the panels stand up against hail, heat and frigid temperatures?

But the biggest question you must answer for yourself is this one: What percentage do I want my solar panels to offset the cost of my total power bill? After we evaluate one year of your power usage and take into account your climate and other factors, maybe Power Home Solar finds that installing 20 panels will offset 75 percent of your total power bill, and the cost is right in your wheelhouse.

But let’s say five years pass, your family has grown and is using much more power now. You’re no longer offsetting 75 percent of your total power bill and want to get back to that level or exceed it. So the question is: Can I add panels later?

The answer is yes.

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Solar panels are modular, meaning that you can tie in new panels to an existing array, at least if there’s available space. You may need a more powerful inverter to accommodate the new capacity of your system, but that can be installed.

If possible, it makes perfect sense to work with your original installer and match the style and power output of your original panels. But if you have no other choice than to use different panels, that is possible too.

Adding panels will incur additional costs, but the existing infrastructure should help reduce that cost. In the end, adding what you need figures to save you more in the long run.

With our innovative solar program, homeowners can go solar for $0 up-front cost, save money on their electric bills, and generate their own clean energy. The solar panels installed on your home are American made and come with a 25-year warranty, with many panels expected to last well beyond that.

Please feel free to fill out the handy form below or contact Power Home Solar at 800-765-2715, and one of our solar representatives will help you determine whether your home qualifies for this solar program.

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