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How durable are solar panels? Yes, they can withstand hail

As you consider making the leap to join the solar energy movement, you may wonder about the durability of the panels amid the harshest weather conditions. Perhaps chief among those concerns: What happens when it hails? And we’re not just talking about pea-sized hail, either. What happens in the event of larger hailstones?

We need to go back only a year to find a real-world example of how durable solar panels really are. On May 8, 2017, the Denver metropolitan area experienced hail reportedly ranging in size of pebbles to tennis balls. At the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s main campus in Golden, Colorado, of the 3,000-plus panels on or adjacent to the roof of one building, only one panel sustained damage. You can read more about the story here, and see the damage for yourself below.

The NREL is constantly researching and testing solar panels to improve their durability, which means the durability of panels should get even better over time. But as the above shows, you’re placing trust in a product that’s already very good.

Solar panels are tested against high and low temperatures, humidity, UV radiation and much more. They may not be able to withstand baseball-sized hail, but it’s quite likely that no roofing material can withstand a torrent of hailstones that large.

This all being said, it is recommended that you contact your insurance company and add your solar panels to your coverage. There are companies that will do so for little or no increase in your premiums.

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