How Much Does it Cost to Remove Solar Panels When I Need a New Roof?

How Much Does it Cost to Remove Solar Panels When I Need a New Roof?

Last Updated: September 28th, 2021 at 12:12 pm
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POWERHOME is a leading solar panel installation company, and we are also a GAF-certified roofing company. As leaders in our field we are able to provide you with the most competitive estimates if you are wondering “How much does a solar roof cost?” and answer questions regarding solar panel removal.

Our ability to offer residential and commercial roofing services is part of what distinguishes us from other solar installation companies. Should you ever experience a leaky roof, missing or loose shingles, or require a general replacement for outdated architecture, POWERHOME is proud to serve as a resource to our customers. If you currently have a solar installation, we are able to complete solar panel removal in order to address underlying roofing issues.

What happens if I need roof repairs before installing solar panels?

The last thing that any customer wants is to have a solar panel installation completed and then discover their roof is leaking shortly after that, requiring solar panel removal. Here at POWERHOME, our experts will complete a full evaluation of your home and roof before installation. The assessment will note any repairs that need to be made before beginning the installation process, to minimize the risk of needing to remove solar panels in the future to do a repair.

A large factor when considering how much does a solar roof cost is first determining if you need any repairs before installation.

Customers will be provided with a quote and an outline of POWERHOME’s expert recommendations. Our goal is to help our customers be as educated and informed as possible.

If your roof shingles are nearing the end of their warranty, or have damage that needs to be addressed, it makes sense to have the work done at the same time as your solar panel installation to avoid a future solar panel removal.

Having both processes completed by the same company, POWERHOME, makes for an easier and more convenient experience. You won’t have to coordinate with different parties, review various proposals, or worry about timing issues. Our experts can take care of everything seamlessly.

What’s even better is that the manufacturer’s warranty on both our roofing jobs and our solar panel installations have similar timelines. The solar panels we install come with a 25-year manufacturer’s solar warranty, and the asphalt shingles we use have a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you’re concerned about how much a solar roof costs this is good news, as it’s likely that you will never have to worry about replacing your solar installation.

What happens if I need roof repairs after I’ve had solar panels installed?

Your roof may be in excellent condition now, but with wear and tear and weather conditions, it may deteriorate over time. While the panels POWERHOME installs come with a manufacturer’s warranty, your original roofing may not.

What’s more, if a separate company is doing your roof repair, you’ll have to have a solar panel removal before you can begin the process. The great thing is that you can call POWERHOME for roof repairs, even if we didn’t do the original job. We are professionals when it comes to solar panel removal and can complete the job.

Calling the same company that completed your solar panel installation for roof repairs is a good idea, as our experts are familiar with the installation and are experts in both fields. Using another company for a solar panel removal and reinstall can potentially void the warranty on your solar panels and system.

Solar Panel Removal

Whether you need to have a solar panel removal to take care of roof repairs, or you are removing them to take to a new home, you may wonder how this is done and how much a solar roof may cost if you have to leave them behind.

With POWERHOME, you own your solar panels. You are not renting or leasing them from a company, state or municipality. Owning your solar panels means that should you ever relocate, you can take your solar panels with you, if you wish.

However, we do not recommend doing that, because chances are, your new home will not be the same size as your old one, and it may not have great southern exposure, where you get the most value for your solar panels. It’s best to leave your old system in place and start fresh at your new home.

When you move and find yourself asking “how much does a solar roof cost on my new home?” give us a call and we will reevaluate your new house and provide another customized proposal.

If your new home is much like your old one, having the ability to keep your solar panels can be advantageous. That’s the great thing about POWERHOME – we see the process through from start to finish and continue offering support for years to come, even after the initial installation.

Luckily, the process of solar panel removal is pretty straightforward. A POWERHOME expert will visit your home and unbolt the panels from the metal rails that were installed on your roof to keep them in place. Should the rails also need to be removed, our experts will do that as well. From there, the process of repairing the roof itself can be handled as needed.

Reinstalling solar panels once roof repairs are complete

Once your roof repairs are finished, you will need to have your solar panels reinstalled and reconnected to the grid. Again, it’s best to have the same company complete the entire process to ensure the smoothest experience possible. Once our POWERHOME experts are on the job, you’ll be up and running again as soon as possible.

How much does solar panel removal cost?

Knowing the cost of solar panel removal is one of the biggest questions and concerns that customers have. You already paid for your solar installation, and you probably don’t want to pay for the process of having them removed and put back on.

At POWERHOME, we offer qualified homeowners 100% financing options with $0 money down2 to start, so if we did your solar installation, then it’s entirely possible that you didn’t pay a thing upfront to have them installed.

To complete a solar panel removal, complete roof repairs, and reinstall the panels, there will be associated costs. The potential costs are why it’s best to have any current roofing issues identified and addressed before you begin the installation process. Doing so may avoid what can be an even more expensive process.

While added costs may cause customers alarm, it’s best to look at any cost through the lens of potential lifetime savings. Here at POWERHOME, we estimate that the price of electricity will continue to rise. Adding solar to your home can help protect your family against utility hikes. Even though there will be a cost for solar panel removal and reinstallation, in the long run, you can potentially save a lot of money on electric bills.

These are important factors to consider when asking “how much does a solar roof cost?”

Avoiding the need for solar panel removal

With the estimated cost of solar panel removal, in addition to necessary roof repairs, we highly recommend that any roofing issues be carefully evaluated and fixed before you begin the installation process. POWERHOME is the perfect company to do the job, as we can complete each step ourselves.

Getting started with solar

If you are concerned that you may need roof repairs but are also looking to have solar power added to your home, contact us today. POWERHOME offers a simple three-step solar installation process to get started.

First, we will determine if your home qualifies for solar power. Next, we will schedule an on-site inspection to evaluate your family’s power needs and usage. From there, our solar experts will draft a customized proposal for the type of solar panel installation you will need. That way, you will know how much your solar roof will cost.

Before the installation process begins, our solar experts will carefully examine your roof, identifying any damage that may need to be fixed to avoid any need for solar panel removal in the near future.

If repairs are needed, we will schedule a time to get started before we begin the solar panel installation process. Our GAF-certified team can complete roof repairs in a timely fashion. Once any needed repairs have been completed, we will schedule a day for solar panel installation.

With the 100% solar financing options and $0 money down2 deal available to qualified homeowners, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t get started with solar today.