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How much solar power is produced on cloudy days?

Consumers who purchase solar panel systems for their homes benefit most on sunny days and zero cloud cover. With no impediments between the sun and your panels, your system will produce as much solar power as possible during daylight hours.

But what happens when forecasts call for clouds? Are solar customers completely out of luck regarding their system’s energy production on cloudy days? The short answer is no. However, your energy production will depend on the amount of clouds.

The denser the cloud cover, the less light that gets through and the less solar energy your panels produce. Think about how dark the skies get with large thunderstorms, where cloudtops can reach 50,000 or more feet skyward. That number is well above the cruising altitude for your favorite airlines and nearly twice the height of Mount Everest, which towers 29,000-plus feet into the sky.

On other days with complete cloud cover but no storms, skies are generally brighter, meaning more light gets through. On days with partly cloudy skies, your system receives only partial breaks from direct sunlight. Put simply, cloudy days are not wasted days where you produce zero power. You just won’t produce as much as days with clear skies.

It’s important to note that the goal of your solar energy system is to offset your energy usage over an entire year, not any given day, week, or month. In the sunnier summer months, your system can generate more energy than you use, generating electric bill credits. In the cloudier, winter months, your system may generate less energy than you use, and you can use the credits you generated during the summer.

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