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Solar Power is Both Affordable & Practical

Replace Your Energy Bill

Discover how solar power is surprisingly more affordable than it use to be.   With solar panel prices dropping drastically in the past five years and the generous tax incentives from the government – you truly can save money on day one.

Solar power is a smart choice.  Whether you want to eliminate bills, protect the environment, plan for emergency situations or even start a new trend in your neighborhood – Solar is the way to go.

Solar Costs Are Predictable

Your current electric bill is a perpetual contract between you and the power company.  They will continue to raise the cost of electricity by 6%/year and you'll end up wasting money.  Unlike coal, your costs for solar power will be predictable, it won't raise, and you'll be saving money immediately.

Four Easy Steps to Solar

Step One: Consultation

When you fill out our form or call us, we'll have a friendly consultation to make sure you can save money with solar on day one.

Step Two: Energy Audit

If solar looks like a good fit, we'll come out to your home and do an energy audit on your home.  We'll also recommend ways you can cut down energy costs even further and tell you more about our solar options.

Step Three: Solar Design

After our meeting, we'll design a custom solar solution for your home.  Then a professional solar expert will present our design to you.  If you agree, you'll sign an agreement.  This is the only step you'll be making a commitment.

Step Four: One Day Installation

Since we are one of the few solar companies that don't use subcontractors, we can usually install a system in one day.  We'll also handle all regulations and permits so you don't have to.  What's more is that you'll start saving money as soon as we're finished.

Why Solar Power?

  • Start Saving Money On Day One
  • Utility Bills Increase 6% / Year
  • The Cost of Solar is Consistent
  • Clean Energy = Better Future
  • Increases Home Value
  • Federal Incentives
  • State Incentives
  • 100% Financing Available


Why Power Home Solar?

  • We've Powered Thousands of Homes
  • We're Ranked #4 in the Nation
  • We're Ranked #1 in the Carolinas
  • We Offer the Best Warranties.  Period.
  • We Do Not Use Subcontractors
  • We Make Solar Affordable
  • Award-Winning Technology
  • We're All American