2500 Watt UPS Power Inverter, 24VDC to 220VAC

● The state of the art 2500 watt UPS power inverter is a reliable choice for uninterruptible power. ● 12V/24VDC to 110V/220V AC selectable with pure sine wave output and LCD display for seamless performance. ● Intelligent protection systems for short circuit, overload, low voltage, high voltage, temperature and overcurrent protection ensure equipment safety. ● High efficiency (95% or higher), full certification and universal sockets make it versatile and ideal for computers, laptops and other equipment, making it the ideal UPS inverter.
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Introducing our high performance 2500 watt UPS power inverter designed for reliable power conversion from 24VDC to 220VAC. Featuring a sleek LCD display, this innovative inverter provides pure sine wave output for sensitive equipment. With a choice of input voltages (12V/24V) and output options (110VAC/220VAC), it seamlessly adapts to your power needs. Built-in protection against short circuit, overload, low/high voltage, temperature fluctuation and overcurrent prioritizes safety. It's 95% efficient or better, certified, and has a first-class level of protection. It operates over a temperature range of 0°C to 65°C, and its intelligent communication protocol increases availability. With temperature protection and a 500mm adapter cable, this UPS inverter is your reliable power companion. Upgrade to our 2500 watt inverter today and provide uninterrupted power to your home, computer, laptop and more.

2500W ups inverter feature


  • Newly upgraded inverter with charging, real UPS inverter realizes uninterruptible power supply for home.
  • Real-time intelligent digital display, intelligent LCD screen working status at a glance.
  • Dual cooling fans for efficient heat dissipation, intelligent cooling fan starts automatically at 45°C and stops working when it is less than 45°C or when the output power is less than 25%.
  • With its own charging socket, the UPS inverter can be bi-directionally inverted/intelligently converted for higher efficiency.


  1. Power Socket: Rechargeable in case of an incoming call
  2. Charging Port: Power supply when power outage
  3. High-end MCU Computer Core: Safe and stable with BMS intelligent power management system.
  4. Pure Sine Wave: Compatible with most electrical appliances like mains power
2500W ups power inverter detail

2500W UPS Power Inverter Dimension (Unit:mm)

2500W ups power inverter size

2500W Power Inverter Structures

2500W ups power inverter structures

2500W Power Inverter Connection

2500W ups power inverter wiring diagram

Continuous Power 2500W
Input Voltage DC 12V/24V (optional)
Output Voltage 110VAC/220VAC (optional)
Display Mode Liquid crystal display
Inverter Waveform Pure sine wave
Frequency 110V: 60Hz; 220V: 50Hz
Protection Type Short circuit protection, overload protection, low voltage protection, high voltage protection, temperature protection, overcurrent protection
Communication Protocol Intelligent
Working Efficiency 95% or more
Protection Class First class
Working Environment 0℃~65℃
Product Certification CE/FCC/RoHS/EM
Cooling Type Temperature protection function
Adapter Cable Length 500mm
Plug Universal socket
Warranty 1 year
Dimension 410*180*140mm
Weight 6.5kg
UPS inverter for home

UPS Inverter for Home

UPS inverter for laptop

UPS Inverter for Laptop

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Home Appliances

UPS inverter for traveling caravan

UPS Inverter for Traveling Caravan


Q1. Can power inverters be repaired?

Power inverters can sometimes be fixed, depending on where the problem lies and the design of the inverter. Common issues like blown internal fuses or faulty components such as capacitors and transistors can often be repaired. Wiring issues can also be fixed fairly easily, whether it’s reconnecting loose wires or replacing damaged ones. The first step in repairing an inverter is to diagnose the problem, which might involve checking for visible damage, testing the voltage output, or using a multimeter to check components.

While some basic repairs can be done at home, more complex issues, especially those involving the circuitry, are better handled by professionals. This is particularly true for high-capacity inverters used in industrial settings, where tinkering on your own could pose safety risks. Speaking of safety, always remember to take precautions when working on inverters, as they involve high voltages. Make sure to disconnect the power and use the proper tools.

Q2. What appliances can I run with a 3000W inverter?

You can run appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, TVs, computers, and small air conditioners, as long as their total power consumption does not exceed 3000 watts.

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