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1kW Off Grid Inverter, 12V/24V

● 1kW power rating, 3000VA peak power, 12V/24V applicable, support 1 hp starter motor, utility output efficiency over 99%. ● Innovative microchip technology, pure sine wave output, utility/DC input flexible adaptation. ● Suitable for off-grid solar systems, it offers a variety of utility input voltage and frequency options to flexibly respond to various environments. ● Flexible support for 110VAC to 240VAC input voltage, selectable frequency 50/60Hz, and three-stage charging method to ensure battery life.

2kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

● 48V off grid solar power inverter with 2kW rated power, 6000VA peak power ● Off grid pv inverter adopts pure sine wave output, supports mains power input ● Compatible with different types of batteries, LCD digital display for clear operation ● Adjustable utility input frequency 50Hz / 60Hz

3kW Off Grid Inverter, Explosion Proof

● 3kW off grid inverter with high conversion efficiency, up to 93% efficiency or more ● Dual mode start: reduced voltage start, inverter start ● Settable output frequency, LCD liquid crystal display ● With explosion-proof function, suitable for hazardous and easy-to-explode places, such as flour mills, coal mines underground.

4kW Off Grid Inverter, 48V

● Processes 4 kW of rated power off grid pv inverter with an impressive 12,000VA peak (20ms), easily supporting 3 hp motor starts. ● Offers a flexible DC input voltage of 48VDC (optional) with a wide range of inputs to ensure compatibility with a variety of setups. ● Adopts three-stage AC charging mode with a maximum AC charging current of up to 30A to optimize energy replenishment. ● Utilizes a microchip for precise control, pure sine wave output, optional 110VAC to 240VAC AC output range, and automatic frequency tracking to 50/60Hz.

5kW Off Grid Inverter, 48V

● A 48V off grid PV Inverter with Microchip control for lead acid and lithium iron phosphate batteries. ● Pure sine wave output, utility input single phase +G, inverter efficiency over 90%. ● Adaptive frequency 50Hz/60Hz, utility/solar rechargeable, multiple protection functions, easy to operate. ● Dual MCU intelligent control with 5kw off grid solar inverter provides reliable off grid power supply solution.

6kW Off Grid Solar Inverter, with 80A MPPT

● 6kW off-grid solar inverter 48VDC-220VAC for sale. Inverse control all-in-one with 80A MPPT controller. ● Suitable for lead-acid and lithium batteries, overcurrent/open circuit protection. ● Pure sine wave output to meet various loads. 98% peak efficiency, high PV voltage input. ● For use in remote or unstable areas without grid access to provide sufficient power to support a wide range of domestic and commercial appliances.

6kW Off Grid Solar Inverter, 48V/96V

● 6kW off-grid solar inverter for sale, optional 48V/96V rated voltage, 18000VA peak power, support 4HP starter motor. ● Support 110V AC/120V AC/220V AC/230V AC/240V AC utility input/output. Operating temperature -10℃~40℃, multiple protection mechanisms including overload, temperature, voltage abnormality. ● Off grid inverter output is pure sine wave, ≥85% efficiency. Intelligent fan control for heat dissipation, communication function is realized through mobile application. ● LCD panel display, easy to operate. Comprehensively meet the needs of various off-grid solar systems, providing solutions for reliable and efficient energy conversion.

8kw Off Grid Inverter, 48V

● 8kw off grid inverter for sale. Efficiency greater than 96.5%. MPPT reverse control all-in-one. ● Advanced MPPT controller handles 1 or 2 solar panel paths, with an input range of DC 60V to 180V and a maximum voltage of 180VDC. ● Industrial frequency transformer for isolation, off grid solar inverter includes comprehensive protective measure. ● Ideal for houses living off-grid, remote areas with unstable power, outdoor work.

10kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

● This 10kW off grid solar inverter stands out for its outstanding performance. With a rated power of 10 kW, it can meet a wide range of energy needs. ● The off-grid inverter supports 96VDC battery voltage and utilizes 220VAC standard power output. Wide range of input voltage to adapt to different power supply environments. ● In terms of output, the utility output voltage is the same as the input voltage, and the output frequency is also matched with the input frequency, sinusoidal waveform, to ensure efficient and stable power supply. ● Supports external lead-acid batteries, water batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries, providing users with reliable and flexible battery options to ensure sustainable operation of the system.

12kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

● 12kw 3 phase solar PV grid-tied off-grid inverter with built-in MPPT controller ● Output voltage selectable range 360-440V, input voltage selectable range DC0-900 ● Multiple port selection, up to 12 units in parallel ● Output frequency can be selected from 50 or 60 Hz, maximum charge/discharge current 40A.

15kW Off Grid PV Inverter

● 15kW off-grid PV inverter for sale, 192V battery voltage, with pure sine wave. ● Unique dynamic current loop control technology. ● Extremely strong load-carrying capacity, adaptable to capacitive, resistive, inductive, and mixed loads. ● Strong overload capacity and impact resistance, capable of starting at full load. ● Protection functions against input overvoltage/undervoltage, output overvoltage/undervoltage, overtemperature, overload, and short circuit.

20kW Off Grid Solar Inverter, 220V

● 20kW high-power off-grid solar inverter and controller all-in-one machine, 192V battery voltage. ● Output pure sine wave, THD <4%, efficiency ≥90%. ● Equipped with overload protection, charging protection, short circuit protection, etc. ● A variety of modes can be set, flexible application in indoor and outdoor.

Off-grid inverters are key to the off-grid lifestyle, especially in home applications, providing a sustainable and self-sufficient way to manage energy needs. Designed to convert direct current (DC) from solar panels or batteries to alternating current (AC), these inverters are the heart of an off-grid solar system. They enable homeowners to utilize solar energy efficiently and ensure that the power generated is compatible with home appliances and electronics. Off-grid living requires reliable energy solutions that operate independently of the utility grid. Off-grid inverters fulfill this need by providing continuous power even in remote areas or during power outages. As technology advances, modern off-grid inverters are equipped with features such as smart energy management, remote monitoring and integrated battery chargers that enhance the overall off-grid experience. They not only enable energy independence, but also contribute to a greener planet by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. For those who embrace an off-grid lifestyle, these inverters are more than just devices; they are the gateway to a sustainable, autonomous home environment.

Off grid solar inverter feature

When looking for efficient and reliable off-grid inverters, the PowerHome brand offers a range of trusted solutions. These inverters are designed for those who need a stable and long-lasting supply of electricity, whether they are a rural household far from the city or a family that wants to have a backup power source in the event of an emergency. PowerHome's off grid pv inverters are known for their superior performance, reliable durability, and advanced technology and are among the best in the market.

These inverters are capable of converting DC power generated by solar panels, wind turbine generators, or other renewable energy devices into AC power for homes and businesses. PowerHome off grid inverters are designed to take into account a wide range of environmental conditions to ensure stable operation in even the harshest environments. They feature an intelligent management system that optimizes power usage and reduces energy waste while improving the overall efficiency of the system.

Difference Between Grid-Tied Inverter and Off-Grid Inverter

The main function of the photovoltaic inverter is to convert the DC power from solar panels into AC power for home appliances, all the power from portable solar panels has to be processed through the inverter in order to be output to the outside world, and for the purpose of the photovoltaic inverter can be divided into: Grid-connected inverters and off-grid inverters, then what is the difference between these two inverters?

Grid Connected Inverter

  • Grid-connected inverter is generally divided into photovoltaic power generation grid-connected inverter, wind power generation grid-connected inverter, power equipment power generation grid-connected inverter and other power generation equipment power generation grid-connected inverter, grid-connected inverter's most important feature is that the system's power is high and the cost is low.
  • Grid-connected inverters are generally used in large-scale photovoltaic power plant systems, many parallel photovoltaic strings are connected to the DC input of the same centralized inverter, the general power of the use of large three-phase IGBT power modules, the use of field-effect transistors for smaller power, and the use of DSP converter controllers to improve the quality of the output of the power, so it is very close to the sinusoidal wave current.
  • The biggest difference between grid-connected inverters is that they do not do any battery storage, the DC power generated from solar panels is converted directly into AC power by inverter and directly connected to the public power grid, but there is a certain threshold, that is, it must comply with the relevant regulations and policies of the local power grid, otherwise it is not able to provide grid-connected.

On grid inverter system

Off Grid Inverter

  • Off-grid inverters are generally a complete system solution using modular components, consisting of a number of manageable building blocks: An inverter, a solar charge controller, an automatic generator starter module and a system control board.
  • Off-grid inverters, as the name suggests, are systems that are off the public grid, where the DC power from the solar panels is first stored in the batteries, and then transported by the batteries to the off-grid inverters for inversion out of the AC power, which can be used directly by the loads, or returned to the batteries for storage, and is more suitable for remote areas without power network coverage such as the deserts, high plateaus, and deep forests, to provide power whenever and wherever needed. It can provide power anytime and anywhere.

Off grid inverter system

Choosing a PowerHome off-grid inverter means choosing the perfect combination of reliability, efficiency and technological innovation. Whether used for residential, commercial or industrial applications, these inverters provide a stable and continuous supply of power, ensuring that your power needs are met, even under the most extreme conditions.

In short, a good off-grid inverter should meet your current and future energy needs while providing high efficiency, reliability and safety. By carefully researching and selecting the right inverter, you can ensure that your off-grid energy system will run steadily for a long time, providing continuous energy support for your life or work. Choosing the right off-grid inverter is a critical step towards energy self-sufficiency and a better quality of life.