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Picture of 2kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

2kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

● 48V off grid solar power inverter with 2kW rated power, 6000VA peak power ● Off grid pv inverter adopts pure sine wave output, supports mains power input ● Compatible with different types of batteries, LCD digital display for clear operation ● Adjustable utility input frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Picture of 3kW Off Grid Inverter, Explosion Proof

3kW Off Grid Inverter, Explosion Proof

● 3kW off grid inverter with high conversion efficiency, up to 93% efficiency or more ● Dual mode start: reduced voltage start, inverter start ● Settable output frequency, LCD liquid crystal display ● With explosion-proof function, suitable for hazardous and easy-to-explode places, such as flour mills, coal mines underground.
Picture of 5kW Off Grid Inverter, 96V/192V

5kW Off Grid Inverter, 96V/192V

● The 5kW off grid inverter provides pure sine wave output with power factor up to 0.99, fast dynamic response, which guarantees the stability and reliability of the system. ● With 96V or 192V DC input voltage, single-phase or three-phase output, adjustable frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, it is suitable for different application scenarios. ● With multiple protection functions to ensure the safe operation of the equipment for a long time. ● The equipment adopts liquid crystal display, which is intuitive and convenient to operate, which can realize remote monitoring.
Picture of 6kW Off Grid Solar Inverter, 48V/96V

6kW Off Grid Solar Inverter, 48V/96V

● 6kW off-grid solar inverter for sale, optional 48V/96V rated voltage, 18000VA peak power, support 4HP starter motor. ● Support 110V AC/120V AC/220V AC/230V AC/240V AC utility input/output. Operating temperature -10℃~40℃, multiple protection mechanisms including overload, temperature, voltage abnormality. ● Off grid inverter output is pure sine wave, ≥85% efficiency. Intelligent fan control for heat dissipation, communication function is realized through mobile application. ● LCD panel display, easy to operate. Comprehensively meet the needs of various off-grid solar systems, providing solutions for reliable and efficient energy conversion.
Picture of 10kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

10kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

● This 10kW off-grid solar inverter stands out for its outstanding performance. With a rated power of 10 kW, it can meet a wide range of energy needs. ● The off-grid inverter supports 96VDC battery voltage and utilizes 220VAC standard power output. Wide range of input voltage to adapt to different power supply environments. ● In terms of output, the utility output voltage is the same as the input voltage, and the output frequency is also matched with the input frequency, sinusoidal waveform, to ensure efficient and stable power supply. ● Supports external lead-acid batteries, water batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries, providing users with reliable and flexible battery options to ensure sustainable operation of the system.
Picture of 12kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

12kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

● 12kw 3 phase solar PV grid-tied off-grid inverter with built-in MPPT controller ● Output voltage selectable range 360-440V, input voltage selectable range DC0-900 ● Multiple port selection, up to 12 units in parallel ● Output frequency can be selected from 50 or 60 Hz, maximum charge/discharge current 40A.
Picture of 15kW Off Grid PV Inverter

15kW Off Grid PV Inverter

● 15kW off-grid PV inverter for sale, 192V battery voltage, with pure sine wave. ● Unique dynamic current loop control technology. ● Extremely strong load-carrying capacity, adaptable to capacitive, resistive, inductive, and mixed loads. ● Strong overload capacity and impact resistance, capable of starting at full load. ● Protection functions against input overvoltage/undervoltage, output overvoltage/undervoltage, overtemperature, overload, and short circuit.
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