About Us

Who Are We?

Power Home is an online shopping site with off-grid living at its core, dedicated to creating a convenient and energized lifestyle for its users. We empower our users with innovative technology and sustainable energy solutions, making it easy for them to enjoy a high quality of life wherever they are. Power Home not only provides powerful off-grid energy systems but also focuses on the user experience, providing them with smart and convenient living tools to make off-grid living easier and more enjoyable. Our brand promise is to provide users with a lifestyle that blends with nature, allowing them to feel the power of modern technology in comfort and realize the vision of a self-driven life.

Why Choose Power Home?





Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable home energy for off-grid living. Enable people to live sustainably and comfortably while reducing their dependence on external infrastructure in areas where grid connectivity is unreliable or unavailable. Providing safe and secure off-grid power solutions for remote rural environments, off-grid cabins, in sustainable communities.

Abundant Off-grid Power Supply Products

Our website offers a wide range of off-grid power solutions, ensuring that you can find everything you need in one convenient place. 
We sell the following products:

  • Solar panels for home
  • Wind turbines of various powers
  • Energy storage systems
  • Other off-grid equipment

We provide high quality and efficient energy supply equipment for you to choose from.


PowerHome Brand Concept

  • Sustainable innovation, promote the sustainable development of off-grid life.
  • User-oriented, creating a more convenient and enjoyable off-grid living experience.
  • Focus on simplicity and practicality of product design.
  • Committed to providing environmentally friendly energy solutions.