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Picture of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, 600W/700W

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, 600W/700W

● Strong wind resistance, low operating vibration, low start-up wind speed, high utilisation of wind energy ● Horizontal axis wind mill optional 600W, 700W, 12V, 24V, 48V ● Nylon fibre blade material, rare earth permanent magnet generator ● Ideal for home, marine, camping, offshore, onshore power supply
Picture of 60W Portable Solar Panel

60W Portable Solar Panel

● With advanced monocrystalline silicon solar cells, the best 60W folding solar panel offers superior energy conversion efficiency to ensure maximum solar energy capture in outdoor environments. ● Compact design and lightweight materials make this portable solar panel ideal for outdoor activities, camping or emergency situations. ● Equipped with multiple USB and DC output ports, it is compatible with a variety of electronic devices to provide you with renewable energy anytime, anywhere. ● The panel is made of high light transmittance PET laminate and waterproof 600D polyester back to ensure reliable operation in all weather conditions.
Picture of 100W Portable Solar Panel

100W Portable Solar Panel

● High efficiency solar panels for sale, solar panel efficiency of 100W for off-grid living. ● Walkable solar panels can be paired with solar generators for solar savings. ● Folding solar panels are made of monocrystalline silicon solar cells, higher photovoltaic conversion rate, higher power generation rate. ● Multiple USB and DC solar output ports are convenient for solar energy storage and device charging.
Picture of Y Branch Solar Panel Connector, 2 to 1

Y Branch Solar Panel Connector, 2 to 1

● 2 to 1 Y branch solar module connector is characterized by high-quality, radiation-resistant, temperature-resistant, strong. ● The photovoltaic connector adopts T2 copper: Low-resistance, high-conductivity, wear/corrosion-resistant. ● Waterproof design: high-strength waterproof ring, insulating silicone, IP68 protection. ● PV panel connectors adopts self-locking joints: Compression-connected, self-locking structure in male/female heads.
Picture of H Branch Solar Module Connector, 4 to 1

H Branch Solar Module Connector, 4 to 1

● Solar wire connector with 1000V/50A, IP68 waterproof grade, DCII security class. ● 4 to 1 solar module connector adopts self-Locking Joints: Utilizes a compression-connected, self-locking structure in both male and female heads. ● T2 Copper: Durable against wear and corrosion, with low resistance and high conductivity. ● H branch photovoltaic connector with insertion force ≤50N, pulling out force ≥50N
Picture of Horizontal Wind Turbine, 800W/1000W

Horizontal Wind Turbine, 800W/1000W

● 800W/1000W horizontal axis wind turbine for sale provides reliable and stable power supply. ● Provide two rated voltages of 24V and 48V, adapting to the needs of different scenarios. Flange mounting method is easy and fast, suitable for all kinds of environments. ● Suitable for outdoor, rural and areas far away from the power grid to meet diversified energy needs. ● Features a weather-resistant casing and high-strength materials to ensure reliable performance in harsh weather conditions.
Picture of Vertical Spiral Wind Turbine, 100W/200W/300W/400W

Vertical Spiral Wind Turbine, 100W/200W/300W/400W

● Vertical spiral wind turbine optional 100W/200W/300W/400W ● Ideal for off-grid living, outdoor use, and street lighting ● Features electromagnetic brake and automatic windward orientation ● Strong wind resistance, low vibration, low start-up wind speed, high wind energy utilization
Picture of 5kW Off Grid Inverter, 96V/192V

5kW Off Grid Inverter, 96V/192V

● The 5kW off grid inverter provides pure sine wave output with power factor up to 0.99, fast dynamic response, which guarantees the stability and reliability of the system. ● With 96V or 192V DC input voltage, single-phase or three-phase output, adjustable frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, it is suitable for different application scenarios. ● With multiple protection functions to ensure the safe operation of the equipment for a long time. ● The equipment adopts liquid crystal display, which is intuitive and convenient to operate, which can realize remote monitoring.
Picture of 10kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

10kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

● This 10kW off grid solar inverter stands out for its outstanding performance. With a rated power of 10 kW, it can meet a wide range of energy needs. ● The off-grid inverter supports 96VDC battery voltage and utilizes 220VAC standard power output. Wide range of input voltage to adapt to different power supply environments. ● In terms of output, the utility output voltage is the same as the input voltage, and the output frequency is also matched with the input frequency, sinusoidal waveform, to ensure efficient and stable power supply. ● Supports external lead-acid batteries, water batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries, providing users with reliable and flexible battery options to ensure sustainable operation of the system.
Picture of 12 Volt DC Portable Water Turbine Generator

12 Volt DC Portable Water Turbine Generator

● 12V portable hydro generator can provide DC 12V output, with selectable regulated or unregulated modes to ensure the stability of the power output, suitable for various application scenarios. ● Under the pressure of 1.2Mpa, the peak output voltage can reach 80V and the peak current exceeds 220mA, which ensures reliable power supply under various water pressure conditions. ● The hydroelectric turbine generator has a sturdy structure, axial clearance is only 0.2~1.0mm, and the mechanical noise is lower than 55dB, which guarantees the stable operation of the equipment for a long time. ● With starting water pressure as low as 0.05Mpa, the genset is lightweight and the output voltage is proportional to the water pressure, providing an intelligent and reliable solution for energy demand.
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