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Jayson Waller,
Founder & CEO
Jayson Waller,
Founder & CEO
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Explore The Powerhome Solar Value Pack

Our most popular package at POWERHOME SOLAR includes solar panels, backup battery power and additional energy-saving upgrades to give you the most value. Here's what's included:

Solar Panels
  • Tier-1 solar panels for more energy efficiency
  • Made in the USA
Battery Backup
  • Have Backup Power for Your Home – 24/73
  • Clean energy year-round reduces your carbon footprint
Smart Power 360
  • 10 additional energy-saving upgrades & energy tips
  • LED lightbulbs, shower head, blown insulation and more
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Solar panels perform best when they have support. To help supplement your solar panel production, we developed our SMARTPWR360°™ Package, complete with 10 energy-efficient solutions and energy tips designed to maximize your potential savings by up to 25%7.

Here's What's Included:
  • Nest Thermostat Adjust your home's temperature from
    anywhere to lower heating and cooling costs.
  • LED Light Bulbs Reduce electricity usage with the
    increased efficiency of these lights.
  • Showerheads Use less water without sacrificing
    the quality of your bathing experience.
  • Smart Power Strips Avoid surges and reduce consumption
    when devices are powered off, but plugged in.
  • Faucet Aerators Conserve water by reducing excess flow
    from your sinks.
  • Attic Staircase Cover Seal your attic staircase to prevent heat
    from escaping your living space.
  • Hot Water Heater Blanket Insulate your hot water heater to maintain
    water temperatures.
  • Blown Insulation Insulate your attic to sustain internal
    temperatures and reduce HVAC workload.
  • Hot Water Temperature Card Gauge your hot water temps to determine
    if it needs to be increased or decreased.
  • Attic Baffles Facilitate air flow into your attic to
    reduce excess moisture and control temperature.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

The experience was pleasant from the first greeting with the sales rep, to the foreman that walked me through the installation. The install crew was amazing. Very respectful of my house and family. I would recommend them to anybody looking to get into solar. AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!
Craig Millward
We had panels installed in December. The installers were very professional, and answered all of our questions in great detail. POWERHOME SOLAR was a great decision, and we are loving the savings on our electric bill each month.
Jennifer Brown-Weber
Truly a no money down deal. Workers were quick and professional. Representative kept me informed every step of the way. I've already referred many of my friends and family!
Ryan Coe
The crew worked expeditiously and did a great job. The crew was very professional and answered all my questions. The people behind the scenes leading up to the installation were very helpful also.
Deanna Rice
The installers did a great job! Everything looks spectacular. They installed our system in about 7 hours and that includes cleaning up. You couldn't even tell that we had anything done.
Steve Erter


America's Leading Solar Company

POWERHOME SOLAR has helped homeowners nationwide save with our solar solutions. Our premium, high-output solar panels are designed for maximum energy efficiency, so you can stop overpaying on your electric bills each month. Own your energy today with POWERHOME SOLAR.

10 additional energy-saving upgrades to potentially boost your savings by up to 25%7
We use American-made solar panels to eliminate manufacturing costs and streamline installation.
Premium Solar
We offer tier-1, monocrystalline solar panels designed for maximum energy efficiency.
$0 Down
You could go solar today without paying a dime! Request a quote today to see if you qualify.
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BAM®: Building A Movement


I knew we had an opportunity to bring positive change when we started the company. We had the right people and we had the right product. The benefits of solar go well beyond savings – it's so much bigger than that. We are truly helping customers make a positive environmental impact on the world and changing the way everyone thinks about power. By showing the importance of owning your power, we change how others see the world, how their kids will see it, and how their kids' kids will see it. What we do is cool and makes a difference in customers' lives.
Jayson Waller, CEO
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