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Better Electricity is Just the Beginning

You'll have better energy efficiency and it will be cleaner. But, did you know that you'll also save money on your electric bill? With federal and state incentives, rebates, and better pricing, you'll start saving money sooner than you think. In many cases, it is often on the first electric bill. What are you waiting for? Contact us now to talk to one of our solar experts and we'll see if solar is a great fit for your home.


The Leading Solar Power Company

Saving people money with smart, affordable, and advanced solar technology has always been our goal. Since we've been in business:

  • Helped thousands of customers
  • Are located in five states
  • Our customers have saved hundreds of thousands in savings
  • Were ranked 96th fastest growing company in 2017
  • Have hired almost 500 employees
  • Have become an Inc. 500 Company
  • Have an A+ with the BBB

And we have over 5,000 reviews.


Solar Power is the Smart Choice • That Smart Customers Make

Power Home Solar & Roofing offers full solar power solutions and solar energy systems.

Residential Solar Panels

Solar power saves you money. Plain and simple.  As utility costs continue to rise, solar panel efficiency is higher than ever.  When you add in government tax credits, low-interest financing, and our no-money-down policy, it is easy to see why you save money.  With solar energy from Power Home, the benefits keep stacking up and the future has never been brighter.

Power Home Solar & Roofing is a leader in solar systems and solar power for businesses of all sizes.

Commercial Solar Panels

Imagine you eliminated your energy bill.  How much more profitable would your business be?  Well, you would stop wasting money on rising utility costs and solar is much cheaper than it has been in the past due to newer technological improvements.  In addition, there are also tax credits, depreciation, and possible grant money.  Your investment will look great now and in the future since utility rates are going to continue to soar.

Power Home Roofing is a leader in residential and commercial roofing solutions.

New Roofing Solutions

We love solar and we love roofs. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, we can help solve your roofing issues today.  We take pride in offering extensive services to our clients including new roof replacements and repair.  If you’re looking for solar also, who better to install your solar energy system than Power Home?  We’re a GAF Master Elite Certified Roofing Specialist.