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300 Watt UPS Power Inverter, 12VDC to 220VAC

● 300 watt UPS power inverter for home use with 220V output voltage for sale. 12V/24V/48V input voltages available. ● Pure sine wave inverter with charging, nine types of intelligent security protection. ● Intelligent cooling fan automatically activates the fan to dissipate heat after the temperature reaches 45℃. ● Suitable for laptops, phones, small TVs, other small power appliances.

500 Watt UPS Power Inverter, 12VDC to 220VAC

● 500W UPS power inverter for home for sale. Selectable input voltage 12V/24V/48V, output voltage 110V/220V. ● Pure sine wave output provides clean and stable power, perfect for sensitive electronics. ● Three-stage safe and fast charging ensures optimal battery protection and longevity. ● Ideal for home backup, off-grid living, and mobile power needs with intelligent safety protections.

600 Watt UPS Power Inverter, 12VDC to 220VAC

● Rated power 600W, peak power 1200W UPS inverter for sale. With 12V/24V/48VDC to 220V/230V/240VAC selectable. ● Pure sine wave output delivers clean, stable power for sensitive electronics. ● Three-stage fast charging optimizes battery protection and extends battery life. ● Perfect for home backup, off-grid living, and mobile power needs, intelligent safety protections.

1000 Watt UPS Power Inverter, 12VDC to 220VAC

● Pure sine wave 1000W UPS power inverter. ● Input voltage 12V/24V/48V, output voltage 110V/220V can be freely selected. ● Easy to install while charging fast and safe. ● Powerful performance, compatible with 99% of electrical appliances.

1500 Watt UPS Power Inverter, 12VDC to 220VAC

● Steady UPS power inverter with 1500W power. ● Fast charging, conversion efficiency up to 95%. ● Multiple input and output voltage specifications available. ● Safe and stable, can be used both indoor and outdoor.

2000 Watt UPS Power Inverter, 12VDC to 220VAC

● Powerful Power: 2kW UPS inverter, can provide stable power for computers, suitable for home and business. ● Efficient and Stable: Built-in battery, 12VDC input converted to 220VAC output, pure sine wave, THD<3%, efficiency up to 95%. ● Multi-protection: Automatic voltage detection, with input reverse polarity fuse blowing function, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. ● Convenient and Practical: QC3.0 USB port, support fast charging, wide operating temperature range and high reliability.

2500 Watt UPS Power Inverter, 24VDC to 220VAC

● The state of the art 2500 watt UPS power inverter is a reliable choice for uninterruptible power. ● 12V/24VDC to 110V/220V AC selectable with pure sine wave output and LCD display for seamless performance. ● Intelligent protection systems for short circuit, overload, low voltage, high voltage, temperature and overcurrent protection ensure equipment safety. ● High efficiency (95% or higher), full certification and universal sockets make it versatile and ideal for computers, laptops and other equipment, making it the ideal UPS inverter.

3000 Watt UPS Power Inverter, 48VDC to 220VAC

● High Efficiency and Stability: 3KW UPS power inverter, 48VDC upgraded 220VAC, computer/laptop UPS inverter, ultimate safety and reliability. ● Multi-functional USB: Built-in QC3.0 fast charging USB port, convenient charging, meet the needs of various digital devices. ● Pure Sine Wave Output: Perfect waveform, THD<3%, excellent performance under linear load. ● Temperature Control Design: Wide temperature range adaptation, stable and reliable, suitable for various environments.