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Picture of 100 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

100 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

● Best solar powered generator for off grid living, rated AC output power 100W, output voltage optional 110V/220V. ● Three charging methods: solar panel charging, car charging, 15V/2A adapter charging. ● Portable power station powered by Lithium batteries. ● Widely used for home use, camping, RV, etc.
Picture of 200 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

200 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

● High-efficiency 200 watt solar electric generator, providing renewable and environmentally friendly energy. ● Support 110V and 220V multi-voltage output, meet the needs of various electronic devices. ● Lightweight and portable solar generator for outdoor, camping and emergency situations. ● Fully charged within 6-8 hours under good sunlight using solar panels, lasting power supply.
Picture of 250 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

250 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

● Optimal portable solar generator for off-grid living, featuring a 250W AC output power and a selectable output voltage of 110V/220V. ● Three versatile charging options: solar panel charging, car charging, and 15V/2A adapter charging. ● Compact and portable power stations driven by advanced lithium batteries. ● Versatile applications include home use, camping, RV adventures, and more.
Picture of 300 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

300 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

● A top-notch solar generator designed for off-grid living, boasting a 250W AC output power and the flexibility to choose between 110V or 220V output voltage. ● Three adaptable charging methods: Harness solar energy through panel charging, charge on the go with car charging, or use a 15V/2A adapter for added convenience. ● Compact and easily transportable, this portable power station is powered by cutting-edge lithium batteries, ensuring reliable and efficient energy wherever you go. ● With its versatility, it's well-suited for a range of applications including home use, camping, RV adventures, and more, providing a dependable power source for various needs.
Picture of 500 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

500 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

● Best solar electric generator for off-grid living, AC 500W repair sine wave output, 750W peak. ● The solar generator is equipped with 110V and 220V outputs, which can meet the needs of a wide range of electrical appliances. ● The handheld design makes it easy to carry, the environmental friendly renewable energy source provides you with reliable power support. ● Efficient energy storage, can provide reliable power for electronic devices, lamps and lanterns, etc. Intelligent charging management, can be charged by solar energy or powered by socket.
Picture of 700 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

700 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

● An optimal solar generator designed for off-grid living, featuring a 250W AC output power and the option to select between 110V and 220V output voltage. ● Offers versatility with three charging options: solar panel charging, car charging, and 15V/2A adapter charging. ● A portable solar generator powered by advanced lithium batteries. ● Versatile applications include home use, camping, RV adventures, and more.

In today's society, as people become more aware of sustainable development and environmental protection, more and more people are looking for greener, more economical, and more independent lifestyles. In this process, solar energy, as a clean, renewable source of energy, has become a top choice for countless families.

Imagine an off-grid cabin away from the hustle and bustle that doesn't rely on traditional energy networks, yet can be powered in a stable, sustainable manner. This is exactly the kind of wonderful scenario that solar energy can make possible. By utilizing a solar power system, this off-grid cabin can receive enough power to meet all the needs of home life, from lighting to electrical appliances.

Solar generator application

As an advocate of solar energy and green living, the is dedicated to providing people with reliable and efficient solar energy solutions. More than just a simple source of electricity, PowerHome provides users with the solar generators, solar panels, and off-grid inverters needed to power an off-grid home, as well as a variety of other products needed for a solar system and green projects for sale, which is a symbol of a lifestyle and a sense of responsibility for the environment and the future.

Solar energy not only provides a stable source of energy for off-grid homes, but also helps to reduce dependence on traditional energy sources, lower carbon emissions, and achieve a greener lifestyle. At the same time, utilizing a solar energy system also brings financial benefits to the home, reducing energy bills and setting the stage for a sustainable future. We're about to introduce you to the solar generators for house we offer to power an off-grid home, so you can learn more about how easy it is for off-grid families to make the transition to clean, sustainable energy and enjoy a greener, more affordable lifestyle with the support of Power Home.

How Solar Generator Works

The sunlight directly on the solar panel generates electricity, and charging the battery, can be for DC energy-saving lamps, recorders, TV sets, DVDs, satellite TV receivers, and other products power supply, this product has over-charging, over-discharging, short-circuit, temperature compensation, battery reverse connection and other protection functions, can output 12V DC and 220V AC. Split design, compact size, easy to carry, safe to use.

The portable power station consists of the following three parts: solar cell module, charging and discharging controller, inverter, test instrumentation and computer monitoring, and other power electronic equipment and battery or other storage and auxiliary power generation equipment. As a key component of the solar cell has a long service life, crystalline silicon solar cell life can reach more than 25 years.

Advantages of Solar Generator

  • Independent power supply, not limited by geographic location, no fuel consumption, no mechanical rotating parts, short construction period, the size of the arbitrary.
  • Safe and reliable, no pollution, no noise, environmentally friendly and beautiful, low failure rate, long life.
  • Easy to disassemble, easy to move, low cost of engineering and installation, can be easily combined with buildings, no need to pre-buried overhead transmission lines, can be exempted from long-distance laying of cables on the destruction of vegetation and the environment and engineering costs.
  • Widely used in a variety of electrical appliances, very suitable for the lack of electricity, no electricity in the region of the family, the countryside, grasslands and pastoral areas, mountains, islands, highways, and other remote places on the household appliances and lighting appliances.

Principles of Solar Power Generation

The main principle of solar cell power generation is the photoelectric effect of semiconductors. Silicon atoms have 4 electrons, if the pure silicon doped with 5 electrons of atoms such as phosphorus atoms, become negatively charged N-type semiconductors; if pure silicon doped with 3 electrons of atoms such as boron atoms, the formation of positively charged P-type semiconductors. When P-type and N-type are combined, the contact surface will form a potential difference, becoming a solar cell. When sunlight hits the P-N junction, holes move from the N-pole region to the P-pole region, and electrons move from the P-pole region to the N-pole region, forming an electric current.

Solar cell working diagram

During production, polysilicon is made into silicon wafers to be processed after ingot casting, ingot breaking, slicing, and other procedures. P-N junctions are formed by doping and diffusing trace amounts of boron, phosphorus, etc. on the silicon wafers. Then use screen printing, will be well-matched silver paste printed on the silicon wafer to make the grid line, after sintering, while making the back electrode, and in the face of the grid line coated with a layer of anti-reflective coating, the cell will be made here.

Cells are arranged and combined into a battery assembly, which is composed of a large circuit board. Generally in the assembly around the package aluminum frame, the front side is covered with glass, the reverse side of the installation of electrodes. With the battery components and other auxiliary equipment, you can form a power generation system. To convert direct current to alternating current, a current converter is installed. The electricity generated can be stored in batteries or fed into the public grid. Battery components account for about 50% of the cost of a power generation system, while current converters, installation costs, other auxiliary components, and other costs account for the other 50%.

Photovoltaic system applications are very broad, the basic form of photovoltaic system applications can be divided into two categories: Independent power generation systems and grid-connected power generation systems. The main areas of application are mainly in spacecraft, communication systems, microwave relay stations, TV stations, photovoltaic water pumps, and household power supply in areas without electricity. With the development of technology and the need for sustainable development of the world economy, developed countries have begun to promote urban PV grid-connected power generation in a planned manner, mainly for the construction of household rooftop PV power generation systems and MW-level centralized large-scale grid-connected power generation systems, etc., and at the same time vigorously promote the application of solar photovoltaic systems in the areas of transportation and urban lighting.

Solar Generator Application Areas

  • Residential and Commercial Uses: Solar energy generators can be installed on residential rooftops or commercial buildings and used to provide clean energy for homes and commercial premises to meet daily electricity needs.
  • Off-grid System: Solar powered generators can be used to build off-grid systems to provide reliable power supply to remote areas or places without grid coverage to realize self-sufficient living.
  • Agricultural and Rural Uses: Solar powered power stations can be used in rural areas for water pumps, lights, communication facilities, etc., helping to improve agricultural productivity and rural living standards.
  • Mobile Devices and Outdoor Activities: Solar generators can be integrated into mobile devices (e.g. campers, tents, etc.) to provide power support for outdoor activities, such as charging and lighting.
  • Emergency Back-up Power: Solar generators can be used as an emergency backup power source to provide reliable power support for homes, medical institutions, communication facilities, etc. during power outages or emergencies.
  • Aerospace: Solar generators are widely used in the aerospace field, such as solar-powered airplanes, satellites, etc., to utilize solar energy to achieve long-term continuous power supply.

In this era full of challenges and opportunities, choosing solar energy and green life is not only an enhancement of personal life but also a contribution to the whole earth. Let's work together with PowerHome towards a cleaner and better future.