1500 Watt Solar Electric Generator, 110V/220V

SKU: PH-SG-1500W
● Adopt high-performance lithium battery, optional 1680Wh/2880Wh capacity, suitable for 110V/220V voltage, 1500W portable solar generator. ● Car charging/solar panel charging/utility three ways can be charged, with 8 protection protection, environmental protection and energy saving. ● A solar power station with a sine wave output is safer and more reliable, safeguarding power needs. ● Green energy solar and generator, ABS+PE shell protection, suitable for home backup or outdoor activities.
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Welcome to buy our house/outdoor camping 1500 watt solar energy generator, support 110V/220V AC voltage input. Equipped with sine wave output, suitable for residential/off-grid life appliances and outdoor equipment. Equipped with high-capacity lithium battery, optional 1680Wh or 2880Wh to meet the demand of long time use. The casing is made of durable ABS+PE material, low temperature resistant design (-10℃~40℃), and complete protection measures, including low voltage, overload, short circuit and overheat protection. This is a reliable standby generator that can also be used for home solar power stations.

1500 watt solar generator feature


  • Vehicle-grade lithium iron phosphate battery cells 2000+ cycles, automotive-grade power battery packs with high quality, longer life, safety and peace of mind.
  • 480000mAh large capacity solar electric generator, multi-scene application, not only outdoor.
  • 3 types of charging methods are convenient for users to replenish energy flexibly indoor and outdoor.
  • Intelligent digital screens across the board show real-time monitoring of power usage, and the operation is clear at a glance.


  1. LCD Real-time Digital Display: Display the energy output status clearly, convenient to monitor the power usage
  2. Independent Button Switch: Flexible control of generator start and stop, improve the convenience of use
  3. Front and Back Double Handles: Portable and easy to move, adapting to the use of different places
  4. Intelligent Temperature Control: Automatically adjust the temperature to dissipate heat and keep the generator running stably
  5. Anti-electrocution Protection Door: Ensure the safety of users and prevent electric shock accidents
  6. Rubber Dust Plug: Efficiently block dust and debris from entering, protect the internal components from damage
1500 watt solar generator details

1500W Solar Generator Interface Demonstration

1500 watt solar generator structures

1 2 3
AC Output USB-C Output USB-A Output
4 5 6
USB-A Fast Charge DC Charge Car Charger Output

1500 Watt Solar Electric Generator Size (unit: mm)

1500 watt solar generator sizes

AC Input Voltage 110V/220V
Output Waveforms Sine wave
Rated Power 1500W
Batteries Lithium battery (lithium iron phosphate)
Capacity 1680Wh/2880Wh (optional)
Shell Material ABS+PE material
Battery Voltage 24V
Operating Temperature -10℃~40℃
Safeguard Low voltage/overload/short circuit/overheat
Net Weight 11kg
Exterior Dimensions (L*W*H) 270*470*260mm
Solar generator for camping

Solar Generator for Camping

Solar generator for fridge

Solar Generator for Fridge

Solar generator for house

Solar Generator for House

Solar generator for rv

Solar Generator for RV


Q1: What devices can a 1500 watt solar power generator power?

The 1500 watt solar power station can power a variety of devices and appliances depending on their power needs. It is suitable for charging smartphones, tablets, laptops and other small electronic devices. It can also power LED lights, fans, radios and small kitchen appliances such as blenders or coffee makers. However, it may not be enough for high-powered devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners or power tools that require more energy. It's important to check the power ratings of your devices to make sure they match the generator's capacity.

Q2: How long does it take to charge a 1500 watt solar energy generator?

The charging time for a 1500 watt solar energy generator depends on several factors:

  1. Solar Conditions: Charging time varies depending on the time of day. The generator charges faster under optimal conditions of clear, direct sunlight.
  2. Solar Panel Efficiency: A more efficient solar generator with solar panels will charge faster.
  3. Battery Capacity: The capacity of the batteries in your generator also affects charging time. Larger capacity batteries may take longer to fully charge.
  4. Charging Method: Using multiple charging sources (solar panels, AC outlet, car charger) at the same time can shorten the charging time.
  5. Battery Condition: The initial state of charge of the battery also affects the charging time. A fully depleted battery will take longer to charge than a partially filled battery.
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