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PV Combiner Box 2 In 1 Out, 1000V

● Efficient Output: Solar combiner box with maximum voltage of 1000V, 2 in 2 out, provides reliable power output. ● Strong Protection: Integrated lightning/surge protection module ensures the safety and reliability of the solar system. ● Durable Material: The housing is made of HA material with V1 flame retardant rating for long term stable operation. ● Easy Installation: Clean wiring design, simple installation, suitable for a variety of solar system layout.

PV Combiner Box 2 In 2 Out, 1000V

● 2 stiring solar pv combiner box, 2 in 2 out, max voltage 1000V, max current output 30A, degree of protection IP65. ● Build-in TUV listed DC switchgears, over-voltage, over-load, lightning protection; real-time detection, long-distance communication. ● Solar combiner box features input cable glands sized PG09, accommodating cables from 2.5 to 16mm². ● Widely used in residential homes, commercial setups, and off-grid living scenarios like remote cabins or mobile homes.

3 String PV Combiner Box, 500V

● Unique and innovative 3 string combiner box with maximum output switching current of 63A for 500V solar system, wall mounted to ensure a solid and reliable unit. ● The new generation ABS/PC material built solar power combiner box, 3 string parallel design, maximum input current 15A, suitable for residential/off-grid living. ● Combining advanced technologies, the solar combiner box, wide range of operating temperatures, effectively manages and controls multiple strings of PV inputs to enhance the overall performance of the system. ● Combiner boxes for solar system, made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and safety, provide reliable support for your solar power generation, is the ideal choice of solar paralleling device.

4 String PV Combiner Box, 1000V

● 4 in 1 out, 4 in 2 out, 4 string solar pv combiner box for sale, with maximum output voltage DC1000V, maximum output current 60A. ● Two independent photovoltaic array systems with separate inputs/outputs, plus multiple array inputs. ● High-voltage fuse and lightning protection devices installed for each photovoltaic array. ● Used in residential, commercial, or industrial solar installations.

5 String PV Combiner Box, 1000V

● With a system maximum DC voltage of 1000V and a maximum input current of 15A per string, 5 string PV combiner box for sale. ● 3-pole plug-push module structure. II grade lightning protection, nominal discharge current of 20kA, and maximum discharge current of 40kA. ● IP66 protection grade, provides a waterproof, dustproof. ● Uesd for residential, commercial, and industrial solar installations.

6 String PV Combiner Box, 1000V

● High-performance 6-string photovoltaic combiner box, 1000V maximum output, with powerful array monitoring function, suitable for solar energy system. ● Integrated 20A high voltage fuse and lightning protection to ensure system safety, IP65 level protection, suitable for outdoor use. ● DC combiner box support 6 series input, optional 6 in 1out /2out, single output maximum 90A current, suitable for large-scale solar applications. ● Solar power combiner box with efficient current management and distribution capability, suitable for off-grid solar system.

8 String Solar Combiner Box, 1000V

● High-performance 8-string pv combiner box in stock, support 1000V output, good stability. ● Multiple choice of 1 output/2 output/4 output channels, adapt to different PV system requirements, enhance the current to 25A. ● Preferred choice for high altitude PV system, IP65 protection level string combiner box is hot sale. ● Equipped with advanced lightning protection technology to ensure the stability of the equipment, wall-mounted easy to install, excellent performance.

10 String PV Combiner Box, 1000V

● 10 in 1 out PV combiner box, with maximum output voltage 1000VDC, maximum output current 160A, single PV array fuses 16A. ● Multiple PV array inputs, single input array max. current 16A, high voltage lightning protector for PV 20KA-40KA range. ● Control output of high voltage circuit breaker for photovoltaic, protection grade IP65, adapting to various harsh environments. ● Wide range of applications: houses, farms, cruise ships, field, power stations, factories.

12 String PV Combiner Box, 1000V

● 12 strings PV combiner box with a 1000V rating for sale, 10-15A per string, and a maximum of 20A, tailored for solar power systems. ● Features include a circuit breaker, monitoring, and lightning protection, ensuring the solar combiner box's reliability. ● The solar power combiner box features a sturdy stainless steel construction with a protective spraying finish. ● Ideal for large-scale solar farms, commercial installations, and industrial solar power systems.

24 String PV Combiner Box, 1000V

● 1000V high voltage capacity, combines 24 solar panel strings PV combiner box for sale. ● Operates efficiently in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C. ● With waterproof sealing tape, anti-theft lock, interface Protection Window, UV-resistant and flame-retardant materials. ● Ideal for large-scale, residential, and commercial solar power installations.

The convergence box in the photovoltaic power generation system is to ensure that the photovoltaic module orderly connection and convergence function of the wiring device. This device can guarantee that the PV system is easy to cut off the circuit during maintenance and inspection, and reduce the scope of power outage when the PV system fails. Confluence box means that the user can be a certain number of the same specifications of the photovoltaic cells in series, composed of a photovoltaic series, and then a number of photovoltaic series connected in parallel to the photovoltaic convergence box, in the photovoltaic convergence box convergence, through the controller, DC power distribution cabinets, photovoltaic inverters, AC distribution cabinets, supporting the use of a complete photovoltaic power generation system to achieve grid-connected to the utility power.

Photovoltaic converter

In today's rapidly evolving solar industry, PowerHome is leading the way in innovation, providing high quality PV convergence boxes to meet the market demand for reliable solar solutions. Our photovoltaic combiner boxes are carefully designed and rigorously tested to ensure stable operation in a variety of environmental conditions, providing an efficient and safe current collection and management solution for solar energy systems.

PowerHome Online Shop's photovoltaic (PV) converter boxes are one of the core components of a solar power system and are designed to optimize the collection and transmission of power generated by solar panels. By gathering the current from multiple panels connected in series to a single point and then uniformly transmitting it to an inverter, the converter box greatly simplifies electrical connections and improves the overall efficiency and safety of the system. With multiple input channels, our products support solar power systems of different sizes and configurations, ranging from home rooftops to commercial and large-scale PV power plants. By powerhome.com for your detailed introduction to the function and importance of PV Combiner Box.

Classification of Photovoltaic Combiner Boxes

PV convergence boxes are categorized into three types functionally, the first is the basic type without anti-reverse and monitoring function. The second with anti-reverse function, without monitoring function. The third type, both with anti-reverse function and monitoring function, is the solar pv combiner box in the most complete function, cost and price of the highest.

Type of pv combiner box

PV Combiner Box Composition

  • Box: the box is generally made of steel spray, stainless steel, engineering plastics and other materials, beautiful appearance, strong and durable, simple and convenient installation, the protection level of IP54 or more, waterproof, dustproof, to meet the requirements of outdoor use for a long time.
  • DC Circuit Breaker: DC circuit breaker is the output control device of the entire solar pv combiner box, mainly used for line breaking/closing. Its working voltage is as high as DC1 000 V. Since the solar energy generated by the solar module can be DC, it is easy to produce arc when the circuit is open, therefore, when selecting the type, we should fully consider its temperature, altitude reduction coefficients, and must choose the PV special DC circuit breaker.
  • DC Fuse: When backflow current occurs in the module, PV special DC fuse can cut off the fault string in time, the rated working voltage up to DC1 000 V, rated current is generally selected 15 A (crystalline silicon module). The DC fuses used in PV modules are special fuses designed for photovoltaic systems and are mounted on a special closed base to avoid current back-up between strings and burning of the modules. When the current backflow occurs, the DC fuse quickly withdraws the faulty string from the system operation without affecting other normal working strings, which can safely protect the PV strings and their conductors from the threat of reverse overload current.
  • Anti-reverse Diode: In the convergence box, the role of the diode and the diode in the component junction box is different. The diode in the module junction box is mainly to provide a continuation channel when the cell is blocked, while the diode in the convergence box is mainly to prevent loop current between strings.
  • Data Acquisition Module: In order to facilitate the monitoring of the working status of the entire power station, generally in the first level of solar combiner box additional data acquisition module. It adopts Hall current sensor and microcontroller technology to sample the current signal (analog) of each PV array, which is converted into digital quantity by A/D and then transformed into standard RS485 digital signal output, which is convenient for users to grasp the working status of the whole power station in real time.
  • DC high-voltage Protection Unit: DC high-voltage surge protection unit for photovoltaic power generation system special lightning products, with overheating, overcurrent double self-protection function; modular design, can be replaced with electricity, and degradation of the display window, can be with a remote alarm device, the use of data acquisition module, can be realized by remote monitoring.
  • Human-machine Interface: The data acquisition unit is equipped with a human-machine interface, through which the real-time status of the equipment can be viewed, the real-time status of the equipment can be realized through the keyboard, and the local setting of the equipment parameters can be realized through the keyboard].
  • Lightning Protection Design: Since the solar combiner box is installed in the outdoor environment, we must consider lightning protection for the combiner box. For this reason, we have connected a PV DC special lightning surge protector (i.e. lightning protector) in parallel with the DC output part of the combiner box. Once a lightning strike occurs, the surge protector will quickly discharge the excessive electrical energy to ensure the stable output of electrical energy to protect the convergence box from lightning damage. The convergence box is loaded with lightning components are called photovoltaic lightning protection convergence box.

Photovoltaic Combiner Box Working Principle

In solar photovoltaic systems, panels are usually grouped into strings, and these strings are then connected in parallel to increase the current output of the system. The input of the converter box receives these DC currents from different strings and combines them through its internal circuitry. This merging process not only improves the efficiency of current handling, but also reduces the number of cables connected to the inverter, which in turn reduces line losses and installation costs.

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system, the converter box is equipped with internal overcurrent protection devices, such as fuses or circuit breakers, which can automatically cut off the current when it exceeds the safe range, thus protecting the whole system from damage. In addition, taking into account external environmental factors, such as lightning, the convergence box is also equipped with lightning and surge protection functions, which can effectively prevent the damage caused by sudden high voltage to the system.

With the advancement of technology, modern PV combiner boxes also integrate intelligent monitoring functions that allow real-time monitoring of the current and voltage status of each input, and even the temperature and other environmental factors. These data are transmitted to the monitoring center through the communication interface, so that the operation and maintenance personnel can real-time understanding of the operating status of the system, timely detection and resolution of problems, thereby improving the reliability and efficiency of the system.

PV combiner box schematic diagram

In conclusion, the PV convergence box ensures the efficient, stable and safe operation of the solar PV system by effectively pooling the current, protecting the circuits and monitoring the system status, and it is an indispensable key equipment for connecting the solar panels and inverters. Through its highly integrated design, the converter box provides strong support for the optimization and maintenance of solar power systems.

PowerHome is committed to using advanced technologies and high-quality materials to manufacture our PV bushouses, including the use of corrosion-resistant, high-strength aluminum housings, to ensure that the equipment maintains long-term stable operation even in harsh external environments. The built-in protection mechanisms of our combiner boxes, such as overcurrent protection, lightning protection and surge protection, can effectively avoid electrical failures and ensure the safety and reliability of the system. In addition, the integration of intelligent monitoring systems makes real-time data collection and troubleshooting easy, helping O&M teams effectively manage and optimize the performance of solar power systems.

At PowerHome, we don't just sell PV converter boxes, we provide comprehensive solar solutions. Our team of experts is committed to working with our customers to ensure that every project, from design to implementation, achieves optimal performance and efficiency. When you choose a PV combiner box from PowerHome, you are choosing reliability, efficiency and professional support.

In summarizing the function and importance of the solar combiner box, we can emphasize its central role in modern solar PV systems. This device not only simplifies the process of transferring current from the solar panels to the inverter, but also significantly improves the safety and efficiency of the entire system through its integrated protection and monitoring mechanisms. solar power combiner box guarantees the stable operation of the photovoltaic system by integrating multiple DC power inputs and by providing overcurrent protection, lightning protection and system status monitoring.

The Photovoltaic combiner box is designed to optimize the performance of the solar power system by efficiently managing multiple power inputs, reducing energy losses, and ensuring system reliability in a wide range of environmental conditions. the PV combiner box serves as a link between the solar panels and the inverter, not only improving the efficiency of energy conversion, but also reducing maintenance costs and complexity. costs and complexity.

Combined with advanced technology, the solar pv combiner box not only meets the needs of solar power generation today, but also provides a strong foundation for energy management and system optimization in the future. Its expanding range of applications, from home rooftops to commercial solar farms, demonstrates its irreplaceable value and functionality. Therefore, the solar combiner box is a key component for efficient energy conversion and system reliability, both in large-scale solar power projects and in individual home solar systems.