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2000 Watt Potable Inverter Generator, 220V

● 220V petrol inverter generator for sale, with peak power output of 2.0kW, rating power of 1.8kW, and rated current 7.8A. ● Powered by 92#/95# gasoline, inverter gen with small size and easy to carry for off grid living. ● Quiet inverter generator use multiple noise reduction, generating less noise. ● Pure sine wave current, intelligent control, frequency conversion and fuel saving, precision instruments are also applicable.

2500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator, 230V

● Efficient and Reliable: 2500 watt peak power inverter generator with rated power up to 2300 watt. ● Multi-functional Design: Adopting pure sine wave current, 12V DC output, suitable for various equipments. ● Stable Output: Single-phase 230V voltage, frequency 50 Hz. ● Easy to Carry: Hand pull start, lightweight and portable, suitable for outdoor use.

2500 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator, 230V

● Rated voltage 230V, rated power at 2.5kW for gasoline and 2.3kW for liquefied petroleum gas, peak power 3kW, quiet dual fuel inverter generator for sale. ● Use 92#/95# gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas, hand pull start. Convenient and designed to be portable for easy mobility. ● Multi-silencing design, quiet and friendly to the environment, about 55db detected at 7M. ● Intelligent control, pure sine wave for off-grid living houses, camping, RVs.

3500 Watt Quiet Inverter Generator, 220V

● Pure sine wave output ensures safe operation of electrical appliances, 3.5 kW peak power inverter generator, strong and stable. ● Quiet generators for sale, efficient fuel tank design, 4.0 liter capacity provides long time stable power supply. ● With hand-pull and electric starter, optional generators with remote start operation can increase convenience and meet diversified usage needs. ● Low noise design, only 55dB, provides a comfortable environment for off grid life or night use.

5500 Watt Quiet Inverter Generator, 220V

● 5.5 kW electric start quiet inverter generator for sale, peak power 6kW, rated voltage 220V, 92#/95# gasoline can be used ● Portable inverter generator with upgraded power, 312CC large displacement, low RPM sound, upgraded digital display screen. ● Quiet power generation with multiple noise reduction. Inverter control, electronic speed control, automatic adjustment of output power, output pure sine wave, precision instruments can also be used. ● Loads of home and commercial high power appliances, coffee makers, ice machines. Also provides power support for camping and off-grid living.

8000 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator, 220V

● Powerful 8.5 kW peak power, supports dual fuel options of oil and gas for flexible energy switching. ● Equipped with high efficiency electric start function, providing stable pure sine wave power output. ● Ultra-low noise design, only 62dB, provides you with a peaceful using experience, suitable for various environments. ● Strong endurance, 26-liter large-capacity fuel tank, long-time power supply without worry, to meet all kinds of power needs.

8KW Diesel Inverter Generator, 220V/380V

● The 8000 watt diesel inverter generator utilizes advanced silent technology with noise levels as low as 70-75 dB, making it ideal for off grid living. ● Multiple voltage and frequency options, 110V/220V/380V and 50Hz/60Hz selectable for a wide range of household appliances, ensuring a reliable power supply. ● Energy efficient engine design, can work continuously for 12 hours to meet the conditions of emergency backup power. ● Multi-functional inverter generator, equipped with a variety of standard and optional configurations, guarantees stable power supply, which is an excellent choice for domestic and commercial use.

10kW Diesel Inverter Generator, 220V/380V

● 10000W air cooled quiet diesel inverter generator for sale, voltage selectable 110V/220V/230V, frequency selectable 50Hz/60Hz. ● Single phase and three phase generators are available, with a variety of starting options, electric start, remote start, and ATS start. ● All-copper material, intelligent frequency conversion brushless, stable operation, low noise. ● Widely used in home, outdoor, hospital, camping, shopping mall

With today's growing demand for independent living and renewable energy, off-grid living has become an increasingly popular lifestyle. And to enable off-grid living, a stable energy supply is essential. In this area, inverter generators have become the preferred choice for many off-grid living users. Once you have purchased the right inverter generator, it will become a reliable partner for your off-grid living. Using advanced inverter technology, this type of generator is capable of producing stable AC power for a wide range of household appliances and electronic devices. Whether you're camping in the wilderness away from the city or spending the weekend in a mountain cabin, the power inverter generator will provide you with continuous power support.

PowerHome is a leading brand dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality standalone power solutions. Our inverter generators are not only high-performing but also rugged, making them a popular choice for many home and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're exploring the wilderness or using it as a powerhouse inverter generator, it's a powerful tool to ensure that you live without the constraints of an external power supply. Choose the inverter generator that suits your needs and enjoy the convenience of power freedom!

What is an Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. They typically use a built-in inverter to convert direct current to alternating current, which provides power to a variety of electronic devices. The portability and efficient capabilities of such machines make them ideal for outdoor activities, camping, and during power outages.

Inverter Generator Structure: Inverter generators usually consist of a stator, rotor, end caps, seats and bearings and other components. The stator consists of a stator core, wire wrapped windings, and other structural parts to fix these parts. The rotor consists of the rotor core, rotor poles (with chokes. Magnetic pole winding), slip ring, (also known as copper ring. Collector ring), fan and rotor shaft and other components.

Inverter generator composition

Through the bearing, seat and end cover will be the generator stator, rotor connection assembly, so that the rotor can rotate in the stator, through the slip ring through a certain excitation current, so that the stator becomes a rotating magnetic field, the stator coil to do cutting the magnetic line of motion, thus generating the induced potential, through the terminal leads, connected to the circuit, the current is generated. As the brushes are connected to the rotor with a break in the circuit, so that the rotor rotates in a certain direction, generating an alternating current so home circuits and other circuits is an alternating current, referred to as alternating current.

According to the type of fuel, inverter generators can be divided into the following main classifications.

  • Petrol Inverter Generator: This type of generator uses petrol as the fuel source and is usually suitable for small home emergency backup power or outdoor activities such as camping, field lighting and other scenarios. Gasoline inverter generators are usually portable and lightweight, easy to operate.
  • Diesel Inverter Generator: Diesel inverter generators use diesel fuel as the fuel source, usually with higher power output and longer run time, suitable for large home emergency backup power, construction sites, rural power supply and other needs.
  • Natural Gas/Liquefied Natural Gas Inverter Generator: This type of generator utilizes natural gas or liquefied natural gas as the fuel source, which is clean and environmentally friendly, with high combustion efficiency, and is suitable for occasions that require long time and stable operation and have high environmental requirements, such as commercial buildings, factories, and schools.
  • Biomass Inverter Generator: Biomass generators use biomass fuel, such as wood chips, straw, etc., as the energy source. This kind of generator is characterized by renewable and environmental protection, and is suitable for some rural areas or places with abundant biomass resources for home power supply or small-scale power generation.
  • Multi-fuel Inverter Generator: This type of generator can use many different types of fuel, such as gasoline, diesel, natural gas, etc., with greater flexibility and applicability, applicable to a variety of emergency standby power needs and scenarios.
    These are the basic classification of inverter generators according to fuel type. According to the actual needs and usage scenarios, choosing the right type of fuel for the inverter generator can provide a more stable and efficient power supply.

Why Choose an Inverter Generator?

  1. Independent Power Supply: Inverter generators provide a power source independent of the main power grid, allowing you to live without external power supply.
  2. Portability: Modern inverter generators are designed to be compact and lightweight, easy to carry, and suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.
  3. Environmental Protection and Energy Saving: Some inverter generators use advanced technology with high efficiency capability, which reduces the waste of energy and also reduces the impact on the environment.

Why choose inverter generator

Working Principle of Inverter Generator

An inverter generator is a generator that uses variable frequency technology to convert direct current to alternating current. In layman's terms, it converts electrical energy into an electronic signal, and adjusts the frequency and voltage through a frequency converter to meet the power requirements for different purposes. The principle of inverter generator is to convert direct current into three-phase alternating current based on the application of electronic circuits such as modulation, inversion and filtering.

The core component of the inverter generator is the frequency converter, whose main function is to output the required current, voltage and frequency after transforming the DC power supply. In the frequency converter, the input DC power supply is first rectified and filtered through the rectifier circuit, the DC power supply is converted into pure DC power supply, and then converted into AC power by the inverter, and filtered and output to the motor.

The frequency converter is composed of four parts: DC regulated power supply, inverter, filter and control circuit. DC regulated power supply is responsible for providing a stable DC power supply, the inverter will DC power into AC power and complete the control, the filter is used to filter the output rectangular waveform, so that it is close to the pure sine wave, in order to reduce the damage to the motor, the control circuit is to control the coordinated work of the various components.

Inverter generator can realize on-demand voltage and frequency adjustment, making its output voltage stability and voltage fluctuation is small, to ensure the quality of power supply, but also can improve the efficiency of the drive system, reduce noise and vibration, and extend the service life of the motor. Inverter generators are mainly used in various fields such as elevators, air conditioners, water pumps, fans, compressors, conveying equipment and so on. With the continuous upgrading of technology, inverter generators will have a wider application prospect.

Main Features of Inverter Generator

  • The working speed of the engine can be varied in a wide range, so it can be better matched with the generator to achieve the purpose of saving fuel.
  • The engine can work in the high speed area, so the output of the same power, engine weight, volume are much smaller. In terms of terminology, this means that the lift power and specific power is high.
  • Alternators work at high speeds, which also reduces weight and size and saves metal materials.
  • The output power is of high quality and pure sinusoidal waveform with very low harmonic content.

Quiet inverter generators are not only a great tool for providing stable energy for off-grid living, they are also an environmentally friendly choice. They are usually characterized by low noise and low emissions, making them more environmentally friendly compared to conventional generators. Therefore, if you are planning to try off-grid living or just want to have a backup generator for emergencies, it would be a wise choice to consider purchasing a protable inverter generator. When choosing and purchasing, remember to make an informed decision based on your specific needs and budget to ensure that your off-grid living is more comfortable and convenient.