3500 Watt Quiet Inverter Generator, 220V

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● Pure sine wave output ensures safe operation of electrical appliances, 3.5 kW peak power inverter generator, strong and stable. ● Quiet generators for sale, efficient fuel tank design, 4.0 liter capacity provides long time stable power supply. ● With hand-pull and electric starter, optional generators with remote start operation can increase convenience and meet diversified usage needs. ● Low noise design, only 55dB, provides a comfortable environment for off grid life or night use.
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The 3500 watt silent inverter generator utilizes advanced technology to provide up to 3.5 kW peak power with a stable 3.2 kW output, ensuring that the power supply is both powerful and reliable. Equipped with a 13.9A rated current and 220 volt single phase output, it is suitable for a wide range of electrical needs. Its 50 Hz frequency and pure sine wave output ensure safe and efficient operation of appliances. The unique 12V/8.3A DC output function is suitable for outdoor activities and emergencies. With about 0.45 liters of oil capacity and 4 liters of large-capacity fuel tank, the petrol inverter generator supports long-time operation. Dual starting methods of hand-pull and electric start (including remote control) enhance user convenience. 145CC displacement and ultra-low noise design of about 55dB ensure power and environmental tranquility at the same time. This portable inverter generator is ideal for camping, home backup power and construction site use.

3500 watt quiet inverter generator feature


  • 3.5KW High Power: It can meet a variety of power occasions, suitable for 99% of electrical appliances and scenes.
  • Built-in Power Supply: Say goodbye to the cumbersome charging of external power supply, easy to damage say goodbye to hand-pulling, just press the button to start the frequency inverter easily.
  • Energy Saving and Fuel Saving: Intelligent frequency conversion adjustment, output pure sine wave current, without wasting a drop of fuel.
  • Newly Upgraded Remote Start: Generators with remote start, more convenient to use.
  • Multiple Noise Reduction: The good inverter generator is quieter, about 55dB detected at 7m.
  • Portable and Easy to Carry: Doesn't take up much space, easy to put down in the trunk with small size.


  1. Totally Enclosed Box Design: Ensure the safe operation of the equipment, equipped with pure sine wave inverter generator to optimize energy consumption
  2. Thickened Soundproof Cotton: Effectively reduce the noise, enhance the comfort of use, with inverter technology to adjust the power
  3. Multi-chamber Silencer: Reduces sound waves through complex channels, enhances noise control, and adapts to frequency conversion speed regulation
  4. Spark Collector: Capture the sparks generated in the process to ensure the safety of the working environment, and add frequency inverter to regulate the load
3500 watt quiet inverter generator details

3500 Watt Quiet Inverter Generator Size

3500 watt quiet inverter generator size

3500 Watt Quiet Inverter Generator Structure Diagram

3500 watt quiet inverter generator structural diagram

1 2 3 4 5
Main switch Load indicator Overload indicator Output indicator light Oil indicator
6 7 8 9 10
Multi-function digital display Fuel level indicator Energy saving switch Multi-function switch 230V/16A socket
11 12 13 14 15
Battery charging interface USB socket Reset One-touch start 12V dc socket
16 17 18 / /
DC thermal insulation Ground terminal Parallel socket / /
Peak Power 3.5kW
Rated Power 3.2kW
Rated Current 13.9A
Rated Voltage 220V
Number of Phases Single phase
Frequency 50Hz
DC Output 12V/8.3A
Oil Capacity Approx. 0.45L
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.0L ( approx. 0.5L error )
Starting Method Hand pull/electric start (remote start)
Displacement 145CC
Weight Approx. 23kg
Noise Level Approx. 55db (detected at 7m)
Fuel 92#/95# petrol
Dimension 485*285*255mm
Outdoor camping

Outdoor Camping


Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Off grid house

Off Grid House

Emergency power supply to home

Emergency Power Supply to Home


Q1: Can I use a 3500 watt inverter generator in my RV?

Yes, a 3.5kw inverter generator is commonly used in most RVs. It can simultaneously power important appliances such as air conditioners (up to 15,000 BTUs), refrigerators, and microwaves. inverter generator for rv delivers reliable power on demand while ensuring quiet operation that won't interfere with your camping experience.

Q2: Is a 3500 watt quiet inverter generator enough to provide home backup power?

A 3500 watt inverter generator can provide emergency power for basic household appliances such as refrigerators, lights and small heaters in the event of a power outage. However, it may not be enough to power an entire home or large, energy-hungry appliances such as a central air conditioning system or an electric furnace.

Q3: How quiet is a 3500 watt inverter generator?

Power inverter generators in the 3500 watt range typically have a noise level of between 50 and 60 decibels when operating at standard loads, which is roughly equivalent to the noise level of a normal conversation. This makes them ideal for camping, RV use, and residential areas where noise levels are important.

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Ellison | 5/15/2024 8:24 AM
3500W inverter generator
Got it for charging my EV, started successfully in one go, used it a few times and it works great. Will buy again.